Dads have fun, too!

Last night while I was volunteering with a bunch of middle and high school kids, Randall took the boys exploring.


One of my favorite pictures of my brother was taken in a cornfield.  Being the "city" kids that we are, we didn't know much about corn growing up.  So driving down the road one day my dad looks at the corn next to the road and asks us:

"How tall do you think that corn is right there?"

"Oh, I don't know, three, four feet tall?"

"No way," he says.  "That corn is taller than you!"

We didn't believe him.  So he pulled over and made Matt get out and stand next to it.  Sure enough.  It was taller than him!  So that's the conversation we have every time we pass a cornfield.  Matt took a picture of himself standing next to the corn with a mug of coffee in his hands (he always had coffee in his hands) and it was on our refrigerator for years.


Can you just imagine the trees below full of orange, yellow and red leaves with the most beautiful bride you've ever seen standing in front of them.  Kayleigh's getting married here this fall.  It's going to be perfect!

And in just a few days this grass will be filled with people as they celebrate over 300 people getting baptized.  This is holy ground.  I can't wait for all the celebrations we have coming up.  Right here, in our very own backyard!


The boys found tadpoles and frogs on their exploration.IMG_6786
How big do you think those wheels are?  They're bigger than you!



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