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The birds in our grill are officially no longer cute.  We've been checking on them daily.  Here is the progression they've taken.  You can see in the first picture, one chick just hatched.  His feathers are still a bit wet. The next day, they're all dry and fluffy.  Then over the weekend, their skin started turning darker, their feathers started getting sharper, their beaks started getting larger.  Their chirps started getting louder.  Their poop started getting smellier.  Notice the black and white stains on the left side of the nest… I'm about done peaking in on these birds. 

Can you notice the very subtle difference between the last two days photos?  Look hard.  We noticed this morning that there are now only three birds in the nest.  Did it get too crowded?  Did one attempt to fly off?  He would have had to jump up on the nest and found the small smoke hole in our grill and hopped out.  I'm not sure how he got out, but that, my friend, is why I'm not peaking in on these birds again.

While I'm not sure how the bird got out, I am sure of where he is now.  Inside a paper bag, inside a paper bag, inside a plastic bag, inside a plastic bag, inside my trashcan, inside my garage.  And I think it's only fair to tell you how he got there.

Steve helped!  Thank you, but everyone can quit giving him flak now.  We were out in the back yard when Steve said, "What does Tabby have in her mouth?"  I didn't really want to know.  I called Tabby and she dropped whatever she was chewing on and came like the good dumb dog she is.  So I started inching cautiously forward towards the lifeless object.  Oh God, please be a stick.

It wasn't.  It was our long lost fourth chick.  Steve manned up and said, "I'll get this one. Get me a paper bag."  I got him two.  He picked it up just as the boys ran over to see it dangling in the air from his bag.  They wanted to see it closer up.  We didn't let them.  He got it in the paper bag and stuffed the extra one in their too.  I grabbed some plastic bags and tied them tight around the poor thing and put it in the trash. 

Thankfully, this one didn't include maggots and only a had a few flies around it.  I forgot to tell you that it's late Uncle was swarming with flies and gnats, just another deterrent for anyone to clean it up. May this be the last dead thing I see in my yard this year.

4 thoughts on “Birdy Update”

  1. Way to come to the rescue, Steve. But seriously, Emily, to those birds momma they are absolutely beautiful!!! And they are robins, saw the blue egg. So let’s think pro life and it won’t be long until they are following their mom right out of that grill and into the big, scary world! feathery hugs…djm

  2. Awwwww…. Don’t give up on ’em… they’ll get cute again soon. There’s always an awkward age…

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