Big Brother

So… here’s the bad news.  Isaac had a big fall from his changing table this week.  After 2 days and about 3000 shot nerves later, we found out he fractured his skull.  It sounds horrible (and it is) but you wouldn’t know from hanging out with Isaac.  He’s still his happy, smiley self.  His fracture is perfectly aligned so there’s nothing we can do but make sure he doesn’t bump his head again.  So needless to say, we’ve been watching him like a hawk and following him around with pillows.

Oh but the good news is he’s going to be a big brother sometime in February….

4 thoughts on “Big Brother”

  1. Oh and I forgot – poor Isaac! I’m sorry you hit your little head! Please be careful!
    your old cousin Christy

  2. You’re just fine-tuning your parenting skills on Isaac. By the time #2 comes around, he/she should do great!

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