Big Brother, Big Schmlother

So Randall and I took Isaac to meet his newest friend, Mason Hale the other day.  He was less than a day old and I just couldn’t wait to meet him.  We dragged Isaac to the hospital after dinner and maybe he was tired, maybe he was full, or maybe he was teething… but he did NOT like sharing attention with a baby.  I got to hold Mason right away and Isaac immediately tried to crawl up my legs and into my occupied arms.  He then began to throw a fit as Randall tried to calm him down.  This event has given us high hopes for this coming February.

So I got on Ebay and ordered a cheap doll that makes a crying sound.  I tried it out on him today… not quite sure what I should do with a screaming plastic "baby".  I let Isaac see the baby and showed him her little feet and hands and asked him if he wanted to touch the baby nicely.  He crawled up and touched the doll’s feet and then went on to play.  I let the baby cry for a few seconds and acted like I was soothing it as I rocked it and whispered "hush, hush" in it’s ear.  It stopped crying when I put the pacifier in it’s mouth and I continued to rock it and pretend like I remembered what to do with an upset baby.  As Isaac continued to play and I continued to hold the doll, he continued to get upset with it.  He eventually started crying (real tears!) and tried to push the doll out of my arms.  I let him crawl into my lap and gave him lots of kisses but continued to hold the doll, so he continued to cry… 

Anyway.  Any suggestions on how to get a one year old ready for a new baby in the house would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Big Brother, Big Schmlother”

  1. Oh, that’s funny! And a great idea to try the doll.
    I know it would be great if he just embraced the little doll and cooed and smiled. But the fact is-he’s 15 months old and when baby #2 comes, he’ll be 21 months old and believe it or not, alot of changes will take place with him in that time. My money is on trusting God to open that adorable heart of his that houses original sin! Timing is everything.

  2. I shouldn’t really be talking right now, since I don’t have Baby #1, but it sounds like you’re already so smart! That baby doll idea was awesome. Maybe you should continue to try that, who knows? I think Russ & Patti are right. He’s going to be six months older and that’s alot! Plus, I think he will have some kind of inate intuition that will tell him that the new baby is his as well and he’ll love her even if he is a little jealous. At the very least, hugs and kisses always help. So do cookies…….

  3. Hey Emily,
    Grandpa told me about Issac’s reaction. He will change alot from now till Feb. but, something I did for Gibson was get him a baby doll right before Haven came. I let him focus on taking care of something, just like mommy was. It didn’t work miracles, but it helped. It was a little Elmo doll that cried and asked for his, “mommy” and “daddy” and his “bottle”. He still plays with it ever once in a while.

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