Aw Spit.

Asher loves to play a new game called "Spit."  Some of you may know a card game a lot like Speed called Spit.  This, unfortunately, is not what I’m talking about.

When I’m holding Asher and he’s in a great mood.  I’ll put him in front of my face to talk to him or see him smile, and he’ll stick out his tongue and spit in my face.  He also does this at mealtimes.  He’ll wait until he’s swallowed most of the food (and we’re just happy he’s swallowing most of his food these days.  It took him over a month to finally eat from a spoon!) and then stick out his tongue and spit.  It leaves a multicolored splatter on my pants, the table, occasionally my face and feet.  It’s quite lovely.  I think Randall has a clip of it.  I’ll make him post it soon.

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