Around the block

Well Asher has been around the block a few times over the past couple of weeks.

Let’s see….
• He’s started to laugh (non-gas related)
• He smiles a lot
• Turned 3 months old
• He has a LOT of gas
• He holds his head up like a pro
• He took his first step yesterday
• He saw a lot of grandparents and uncles
• His Brother turned 2

Check out some of his latest pics…

2 thoughts on “Around the block”

  1. I posted on your friends blog by mistake. I didn’t know how to delete it. Will repost here.
    I found your “Changing of the guard…” very interesting. I often wonder why Christians can’t present their views and experiences in a more appealing, less judgmental way. Maybe the “new guard” will be able to do that.
    Emily: You have some handsome boys there. I know you are enjoying them. Do so now because they grow up quicker than you think.
    Aunt Gay

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