Are you my Mother?

So a while ago, I was talking on the phone to my brother in San Diego and he wanted to know who my kids are.  We blog about their mini milestones and the activities we do (sometimes…) but our out of town family and friends don’t know who our kids are.  So I’m going to give you a few little peeks into the lives of Isaac and Asher.

Isaac is outgoing.  He loves to show off.  He lives like he’s the king of the world.  He owns everything and knows everyone and everyone loves and adores him.  His outgoing personality makes for a lot of drama at home.  But he’s a very sweet and mostly polite little boy.  He’s very complimentary of people (last night he told me I had pretty eyes!).  He’ll walk outside and say, "It sure is a beautiful day, Mommy!"  He loves the outdoors.

He’s really cute.  Sometimes he’s trying to be sweet so he’ll say he likes things that he really doesn’t like.  For example, "Mommy, I’m eating my hot dog.  I like hot dogs!" and he’s got a "sweet" face that goes along with it.  It’s a forced smile.  So cute.  A few months ago we were telling Daddy how we had a hard day and Isaac had to sit in the naughty chair and got a spanking and Isaac, who had turned a leaf by this time of night, said, "But Mommy, I like spankings."

He’s loud.  He talks a lot; he sings a lot.  He copies everything Asher does.  He loves to pretend.  If he ever asks you what you like to eat, he is playing restaurant.  Asher’s even started "serving food" just like Isaac does and then he’ll smack at the air as he "eats" it up.  He loves his brother and always wants to be a helper to him. 

Isaac loves to read.  He never had a comfort toy like a stuffed animal or a blanket.  He sleeps with books.  He’s been doing that since he was in a crib.  I’ll put him to bed at nap time and when he wakes up, I find 10+ books under the sheets with him.


Asher is stubborn.  He pushes his boundaries all the time.  If he doesn’t want to eat something, you cannot force it down his throat.  He spits a lot.  He throws a lot. He’s violent.  He hits and butts his head in to things.  When he doesn’t get his way he’ll hit himself on the head and try to make you feel sorry that you made him hurt himself.  He’s hilarious.  He’s a very physical kid so the communication part is a little lacking.

He talks a lot!  I can understand about .05% of his language.  I always told people he speaks German.  You know, he sounds like a bunch of barnyard animals, "Muck muck muck muck."  Then when Aunt Erika came in town, she could actually translate for him.  She understood about 75% of what he said.  So if he really speaks German, then we’ve got the smartest kid on the block right here. The few words that I understand are "No" and "more."

He’s a momma’s boy.  He will warm up to a room pretty quickly but if I leave the room he’ll whine or follow me out.  He loves to be near people and snuggle and give hugs.  He used to give kisses, but I think he’s forgotten how.

Asher LOVES animals.  From the second he noticed the black blur we call Tabby, he would giggle at her.  When he started to move he would chase her and hug her.  He really loves her and cares for her.  Unlike Isaac, Asher can’t sit still for a book, but he loves stuffed animals.  He has a Build a Bear dog named Buddy who he adores.  Asher’s relationship with Buddy makes Isaac jealous.  The other night Isaac confessed to Randall, "I wish I had a dog named Buddy…"

Both of my kids are very different from each other, but exceptionally good kids.  They are both good sleepers and easy going kids.  We are just blessed.  We thank God daily for our great family.Imgp2931

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