Apple Picking

Sunday, Randall had to work, but some friends invited us to go apple picking so I thought I'd take the boys and get a few apples and then do it again sometime with Randall.  We went to Thierbach Orchards in Marthasville, MO.  (I had to put the MO part there because I did drive over an hour to get there.  We could have been in KS for all I knew…)

It was a ton of fun.  They had goats and chickens, bouncy houses, and a large pool full of corn.

After playing so hard, the boys were pretty sweaty.  It was a shorts and t-shirt kind of day.  Not the perfect crisp weather I normally pick apples in but I just couldn't wait for Fall to start and picking apples seems to be a necessary part of my Fall celebration. 

So we took a cool tractor ride to the orchards.
Hmm.  I just noticed that Asher is holding some woman's hand.  That's probably Kim.  
Kim is Betty Crocker.  She is always picking local seasonal fruits and veggies or growing her own.  She makes bread and cans her goods for the winter.  Last year she gave me a jar of her homemade apple butter and it was the best I had ever tasted.  And I've tasted a lot of apple butter… (more on that in the next post).  I have a slight crush on Kim…

Moving right along…

So we got to the orchard and had our choice of three kinds of apples to choose: Jonagold (a blend of Jonathans and Golden Delicious), Empire (a tart red), and an apple called something like Ultra Red Delicious. 

Now I know that many of you don't like the red delicious apples because they're the first to get grainy.  But they're the sweetest right off the tree and if you know how to pick the crisp ones, they're my favorite.  

So we sampled some Super Ultra Extremely Red Delicious apples.

And chose a few for eating at home.  And then got some Jonagolds to make caramel apples with. 

Isaac climbed up the tree all by himself to pick the best ones at the top.

Isn't he cute?

See his front left tooth (on our right)?  It's kind of sticking out.  It's loose.  He was really excited about it at first, but now I think it's freaking him out a bit…

Then we picked some Empire apples to mix with the Jonagolds to make Kim's delicious apple butter.  They're stewing in my crock pot as we speak, making my house smell like Fall.  I'm loving it!

Now if only, I'd quit dreaming and realize it's not quite Fall yet and turn my AC back on… It's 85 degrees in my house!   

One thought on “Apple Picking”

  1. These pics are great!
    I think it’s awesome that whole new generation of folks are going back to canning and stuff like that. I mean… I’m not going to… because I’m not domestic in anyway… but I love that other people do!!
    It brings back great memories of both of my grandmas and helping them can when I was a kid.
    Anyway… I hope your apple butter turns out yummy!
    And I hope the tooth comes out with no muss or fuss! I used to love pulling my teeth. I couldn’t wait till one got loose and then I’d just work it and work it till I could get it out. Lol…

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