Another yellow haired monkey in the yard

Asher has been needing a hair cut since he was born.  He was born with long brown hair that stuck straight up.  I kept letting it grow hoping that the added weight would make the hair lay down.  It looked so funny because the original hair he was born with was brown, but all the new hair that was sprouting up was blonde.  So as Asher started losing his hair, he had a ring of brown hair around the back of his head and long blonde hair with brown tips on the top of his head.  And it never really laid down.  So yesterday, Randall and I tried to give him his first hair cut.  He was squirmy and frankly it was a dangerous situation.  I wasn’t going for any specific look, I was just trying to cut off all the brown so his hair would be all the same length.  Don’t look too closely, it’s a really bad hair cut, but now I’ve got another blonde baby boy!  SO cute! 


3 thoughts on “Another yellow haired monkey in the yard”

  1. Can’t wait to see the pictures. Benjamin just couldn’t wait until he was a year old to have his haircut either – his hair was beginning to look very silly. However, he didn’t squirm for his. he was very interested in what his Daddy was doing but he sat reletively still!
    Hope to see you all soon!

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