And puppy dog tails

Randall is out with the boys tonight. Not my boys. His boys. Meanwhile, my two boys and I are at home having a dance party, doing each others nails, and trying on clothes and jewelry.

Or just eating dinner.

We bought some fresh strawberries from the store today. Can I just say there is little in life better than fresh fruit? Remind me of that next rime I’m reaching for the ice cream.

Isaac is digging into the strawberries long after dessert when he says:
“Daddy says that boys eat the leaves on strawberries. And worms and gross stuff like that.”

I just looked at him with my “is that so” look.

“Yeah. Daddy said that he ate a worm once. I’m not kidding.”

Then he ate the leaves off his strawberry.

And puppy dog tails

2 thoughts on “And puppy dog tails”

  1. Ahahahahahahaha! That’s awesome. There are a lot of things that boys do that you’d best keep secret from him for a while…

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