A quick trip to Ashley’s

Rick and Kristi invited us to go to Anderson Indiana to visit Ashley at college. So we packed up for a quick flight. It was a lot of fun getting to see Ashley and spending some time with Rick, Kristi and Brett–and Robin, Tori and Alex. Unfortunately the camera stayed in my backpack in the hotel most of the time, so there aren’t a whole lot of pictures. But none the lesser…we had a grand ole time. I tell ya…Isaac’s been flying more in his first year than most people do their whole lives. It ain’t easy being a rock star.

On another note…….make sure you check out Isaac’s new cousin Hannah.

2 thoughts on “A quick trip to Ashley’s”

  1. waaaaaa wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wawawaaaaa
    Hi Isaac. I can’t wait to meet you. Why don’t you get your friend to fly you to Louisville sometime. We have a little airport very close to our house! Hope to meet you and my GREAT (translate this however you like) Uncle Randall and Auntie Em soon!

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