A picture is worth 1,000 words but…

The very few people who read this blog have mentioned that the thing they miss the most since I quit posting is the pictures.  My family and friends kept waiting for me to post pictures of our trip to Italy and the boys’ first day of school.

I’d love to update you on what’s been going on in the Littleton household.  I know I could just shlopp up a few pictures to catch you up, because a picture paints a thousand words and all that…

It’s true.  A picture says a lot.  But it doesn’t say it all.

Like I could post a picture of Randall and me in St. Mark’s Square in Venice.

But that’s not worth a thousand words.  That’s worth about seven: “Emily and Randall in St. Mark’s Square.”  You don’t know about the hundreds of pigeons that were hopping around our feet at the time of this picture.  You don’t know that I had just seen a mom wiping pigeon poo off her little boy’s shirt because they thought it’d be fun to let the birds eat crumbs off of his arms.

You can’t see from this picture that seconds earlier, in the middle of this beautiful square an 8 foot bronze man had just rang a bell eight times.  An orchestra played familiar symphonies as people sat and listened and soaked up the beauty of Venice, the smell of the sea, and the amazing breeze through the square.

I watched as a woman felt the music in her bones and started to dance.  She reached out for her husband to join her in a waltz. He batted her hand away and chose to remain behind the camera lens and take pictures of filthy birds as his wife swayed by herself a second or two and then stopped.  What a missed moment.  I don’t want to miss those moments anymore.

I’ll show you the pictures but I’ll tell you the stories as well.

In time…

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