A Magical Evening

Isaac lost his second tooth yesterday.  At 4am to be exact!  He woke us all up to show us it had fallen out all by itself in his sleep.  It occurred to me that I never got around to documenting how the first tooth came out.


June 21, 2011 just happened to be one of those magical ordinary days.  You know when nothing particular is going on, but everything just seems to be going your way.  Randall was out of town so the boys and I were keeping busy.  We ran some errands and came home just as it started to rain outside.  The light rain brought a cool breeze with it and the boys and I decided to sit outside on our covered porch and watch it come down.  Years ago, the boys bought me a bench for my front porch and many perfectly ordinary and perfectly magical moments have happened on that bench.

The boys played on the porch and stuck out their hands to feel the rain and I snapped a picture.  Here’s what Isaac’s teeth looked like that afternoon:


There is something about teeth that just give me the heebeegeebees.  I don’t want to hear them or touch them at any time.  I knew Isaac’s tooth was loose, but since Randall was out of town, I knew that Isaac would have to be the one to pull his own tooth.  I wanted nothing to do with that!

Sure enough, when bedtime rolled around, Isaac’s tooth fell out all by itself.  He handed it to me in such excitement!  He was so proud of himself!  I asked him what we should do with it and he immediately said, “Put it under my pillow!!!”

I played dumb, “Oh that’s right, so the tooth fairy can come.”  I told him that I’d like to keep his first lost tooth, so we decided to write the tooth fairy a note asking her (or him) if she would please leave the tooth for us to keep.  We went downstairs to find a piece of paper for the note and before I knew it, Isaac was out on the back deck.  I watched him from inside as he yelled, “I just lost my first tooth!!!” into the night air.

He came back in and announced that he had told the tooth fairy that he lost a tooth so she would know to come tonight.  It made me smile.

We went upstairs, put the note and the tooth under Isaac’s pillow and finished our bedtime routine and I tucked the boys in for the night. 


A friend came over to keep me company while Randall was gone so I went downstairs to entertain her.  A few minutes later, Isaac yelled down the stairs, “Mommy, the fireflies are out!  Can we go catch them?”

I had mentioned to Isaac that I don’t feel like it’s really summer until we catch some fireflies.  I hadn’t seen any in our yard yet, I assumed because our yard was infested with cicadas!  But the cicadas were silently piled up in our lawn asleep for another 13 years by this point.  Isaac had been looking out the window, I’m sure for any signs of fairy dust or a fluttering of tiny wings announcing the arrival of his tooth fairy when he saw the lightening bugs.

He ran downstairs and begged to go catch some.  I couldn’t refuse him.  It was the best ending to a magical day.


Well I guess the best ending was that the tooth fairy did come and left a crisp dollar bill under his pillow as well as his first lost tooth.


Isaac, keep believing in the things unseen.  The world is full of magic that God created just for us to marvel.  As you grow and learn, much of these things will lose their mystery and luster.  Still, I pray that your curiosity will never grow dull of this spectacular earth.


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