A First for Asher

Last week was not the best week for the Littleton Clan.  It wasn’t too bad, but the week started off with some stomach virus that Asher, Isaac and I got.  Randall was suffering from a different stomach virus with completely different symptoms.  Then Isaac, Asher, and I got a cold, which turned into a cough for Isaac.  And yesterday I had another 24 hour stomach virus, similar to what Randall experienced at the beginning of the week.  Three different bugs in one week = not the best week…

But today!!! Today is a new start.  The weather here is PERFECT.  The high today will be 84 degrees, but right not it’s 74.  The boys and I went to the zoo with a friend and enjoyed catching the elephant do a few tricks.  It bowed and got up on it’s hind legs.  Pretty exciting. 

When we got home I noticed Asher was leaning against the wall and getting red faced.  I asked him if he was pooping.  He nodded.  Just for fun I asked if he wanted to poop in the potty.  He nodded!  So I took him and sat him on the potty where he proceeded to go number 2 (quite a bit!  I was very thankful not to have to change that diaper) and then number 1 as well!!!  Asher is 18 months old and 2 days!  I don’t really expect him to start doing this regularly.  He can’t even communicate to us when he has to go.  But it was an exciting day today!!!

5 thoughts on “A First for Asher”

  1. wouldn’t that be great!!
    Elam will do stuff like that, although, he’s never actually gone, but if you ask him, “Do you want to sit on the potty?” he’ll say, “yeah, potty.” But, nothing happens. (I think he just wants to be naked)

  2. That would be great if you could go ahead and get him trained! Benjamin says “I go potty” all the time, but I say “no you don’t” because I don’t want to potty train two at the same time!

  3. That’s fantastic! I’ve watched Asher before and he absolutely studies Isaac at times. So- good job Isaac for teaching by example!!

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