3:00 and waiting…

Well…It’s 3:00 and we are still waiting. Em just got an epi so she is feeling pretty good. Maybe in the next couple of hours. Grandma and Grandpa Kirkland are here, as well as Aunt Kayleigh and Aunt Laura. We’re just hanging out watching rock shows and movies.

Rock Shows:
    Snow Patrol

    Waiting for Guffman
    Triplets of Bellville

Overall…well….we’re just hangin out.Keep praying. Mom is doing great!


5 thoughts on “3:00 and waiting…”

  1. Glad to hear Emily is doing well. I have been checking constantly to see if he has been born yet! I really have nothing else to do at work then to check and see if I have a new cousin yet.

  2. We’re praying, Emmy! Good move on the Epi – I was hoping you’d go for it! Love you to pieces!

  3. Hey Em!!! We’re so excited for you and all of you are in our prayers! I hope everything is going well! Hear from you soon! Love ya!!!

  4. We’re praying too, and constantly checking the webpage for updates! What a great idea. We hope everything goes smooth, can’t wait to see little Isaac.

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