2 out of 3

well…2 out of 3 people @ Isaac’s house are puking. Isaac started it. Well…that’s not true, we blame everything on Finly. So Isaac would wake up in a pool of pink puke. It was so disgusting. A mix of hotdogs, corn, and pedisure. He was rolling around in it, so it was everywhere.

Em started this morning. She’s not rolling around in it–that’s good. I think Isaac’s about finished, but he isn’t eating anything. Maybe today will be better. He’s on the BRAT diet–Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce, and Toast. But it’s not much of a diet when you don’t eat it.

I’m feeling fine…so far.

3 thoughts on “2 out of 3”

  1. Sorry you are sick – I was glad to see you are posting again! And poor Finley getting all the blame! Not that I know him or anything!

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