This Guy



I’ve always liked this guy.  When the boys were born, I bought a Shel Silverstein CD.  On it, Shel read and sang and shouted the childrens poems he has written.  I would turn it on during the day because I thought it was important for my babies to hear a man’s voice all day long.  I read it somewhere… But it’s been hidden in a cabinet for about 4 years now.

Isaac is doing a poetry unit at school, so I broke out There’s a Light in the Attic and Where the Sidewalk Ends and read some poems from there for him one morning.  Then I remembered that I had this CD and the boys have been listening to it every day this week.

When I heard the phrase, “Sweaty toothed mad man” from the movie Dead Poet’s Society.  This was the image that I thought of.

I mean who would use this picture on the back of everyone’s favorite childrens book?

Someone I’d want to be friends with.