I went to church last weekend and someone heard about my accident and said, “God must have known you needed a break.”

I laughed and proceeded into the auditorium. As I sat there waiting for the service to start I wondered what I would need a break from. I sit at home alone everyday and read and write. That didn’t stop because my shoulder hurt.

I did stop carrying heavy laundry loads up two flights of stairs… Maybe I did need a break from that and God must have known it! Isn’t he marvelous to care about our minuscule needs?

He is, really.

Then our service started.  We sang a few choruses and then the music quieted.  A woman sat behind the piano and played a beautiful song.  I sang loudly and worshipped in harmony.  And then God reminded me what I needed a break from.

In my stupor of pain, I declined the opportunity to lead worship at my church this weekend.  I regretted the decision, once I started improving so rapidly.  But sitting in the auditorium by myself as I worshipped, God told me to sit down and shut up.

More often than not, when I attempt to worship God with all my heart, he tells me to shut my mouth and worship him with ONLY my heart.

Sometimes I need a break from harmony.

Sometimes I need a break from words.  There are so many beautiful and grace filled things  in this world that I want to praise God for but our human language just does not have the words to express my gratitude.


So today, I end without a paragraph of prayer, but with my hands raised and my heart open with the longing to bless the one who blesses me:  my God.