These Boys

Isaac came home from school yesterday and for some reason, he looked like he had aged 6 years.

I am so in love with these boys.  We’re definitely in a new phase of life.  They are both in school and my time with them is so short.  I get these boys when they are tired, hungry, and needing to get rid of a whole lot of pent up energy, but time is passing too quickly for me to dwell on the negatives anymore.

These boys are sweet, smart, full of energy and they each hold my heart.

In a season of gratitude, I am so thankful for my two boys.


uh… I think I just picked a dried booger off of the key board…




What was I saying?  Gratitude!  Yes, Thank you God for my sweet, rambunctious boys.  May my time with them be well spent before they’re old and gone.




My Baby

My baby starts kindergarten tomorrow.


Yes!  My sweet infant son, who just yesterday looked like this:


And made sweet baby noises like this:


I mean, seriously?


When did this kid grow out of clothes that have snaps?!



When did he lose those cheeks?


And the rooster hair?


He’s not old enough to start school tomorrow!

Or, maybe I’m not old enough to have both boys at school.

Either way, I refuse to acknowledge what’s happening in a few short hours.

I certainly didn’t look through old pictures and videos for the past two and a half hours crying and laughing.

I certainly won’t cry as the boys get on the bus tomorrow.

I most certainly will not miss them like crazy all day in my quiet house tomorrow.


quiet house




I’ll let you know how it goes.