The Darndest Things

Isaac’s school operates on a “clip up” system of discipline.  Each room has their own specially themed chart like this one:

Pirate clip up chart


When a student enters the class in the morning, they find the magnetic clip with their name on it and put it in the middle of the chart on the neutral sign.  If they are caught doing something good during the day, they get to clip up to a sign above the neutral one, alternatively, if they’re caught doing something they shouldn’t, they clip down.  A student that clips down still has the rest of the day to get back to the good side of the chart (and vice versa).  If a student clips up three times, they become a “Star Student” and get a certificate or reward of some sort.  If they clip down to the bottom of the chart, the parent will be notified.

Isaac decided that we needed a clip up chart in our house (probably after I lost my temper and yelled at the boys).  So, he went to the printer and grabbed seven sheets of white paper and taped together his own chart.  Then proceeded to make each person in our family a magnet.

Isaac’s chart is Math themed.    … I have no idea…

So his neutral sign is “Math!” above that is “You moved up a levil” then “Awsome!” and finally “Math Master!!!!!!!” With no less than seven exclamation points.

If one were to clip down from Math! they would find a sign that says, “Relly?” then “Relly Relly!” and finally “I thoght you were smart.”





Thank you God, for humor.  Thank you for sarcastic, smart alec kids who make me laugh.  Thank you for a chance each new day to start at “Math!”  And may we rarely get into the “Relly”s and find grace at the bottom of the chart.  Amen.