Absent Minded

Note to self:

Any time that you think to yourself, “I’m going to put this object in a special place, so I’ll remember where it is next time,”  Slap yourself.

That’s a stupid idea.  You’ll never find it again.

I have a tendency of doing that.  It’s something I thought I’d grow out of, but haven’t.

I’m not really absent minded.  I don’t mean to lose track of things, I just get distracted.

For example, the other day, I was picking up the house while the boys were playing with some neighborhood friends.

My boys tend to be the messiest kids I know.  So as the boys discussed what to do, I was picking up their discarded toys and socks (why are there are ALWAYS so many socks laying around my house?!), when I noticed the camera sitting on a chair.  We had just taken a bunch of beautiful pictures at our church’s Baptism Celebration the night before, so I got distracted and decided to go upload the pictures on my computer.  I took out the SD card and then decided to take up all the other toys that needed to go upstairs as I was on my way to the computer.

The boys started fighting over a video game that I had already told them not to play.   I told them to go outside and play and run and get some exercise, but one particular neighborhood boy was determined to ignore me completely and play Lego Star Wars.  He was frustrated because no one would show him how to get it started.  When he finally figured it out, Asher changed the input on the TV so he could no longer see the game.  That’s when this sweet little almost second grader dropped the F bomb.  Well, he didn’t really drop it, he screamed it and pretty much permeated our house with the word.

I was out of the boys sightline at the time, but his older brother leaned around the wall to look me in the eye.  I gave him the “Oh-I-heard-it” look.  Asher had obviously never heard this word before because he repeated it and said, “What does that even mean?!”  To which my heart gave a great sigh and Isaac then turned the corner to check my reaction.

Suddenly, no one wanted to play video games and everyone was ready to go outside.

I called the boy over and told him we don’t use that language in my house and he apologized and was on his way.

Needless to say, I got distracted again and two days later, have no idea where that SD card is.