Pumpkin Patch Outtakes

Our annual trip to the pumpkin patch last week was great, as always.  We love Rombach’s and it was an exceptionally beautiful, crisp, fall day.

But it was bright.  Not optimal for photos.  We got to the farm around 5pm and the sun was just starting it’s decent in a cloudless sky.

We got a lot of pictures like this one.

The harsh light made for lots of squints and dark shadows.


A professional photographer would know how to adjust her camera to compensate.  I, however, have no technical knowledge of my camera, and have very little photo editing skills (or resources).

The other challenge we came across was my subjects.

They are boys.

Need I say more?

They’re hams.

They’re fast.

And there’s two of them.

No.  Yes.


Yes. No.

No.  No.

Um… Is this as good as we get?



Either way, they’re mine.  And I LOVE them!

And (despite the poor lighting) this is an improvement from last year.

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