Asher Jay

My baby.

With the cheeks.

Who is sweet to a fault. 

Is ten. 

Are you kidding me?  Ten years ago, this moment, I was holding my child-sized newborn in my arms.  I didn’t know he’d be the baby in the family.  I was pretty sure he’d be the middle child.  Randall and I wrestled over that decision and the conclusion was that we would always have room for more in our family.  So… you know… we’ll see.

This kid though… He loves hard. He loves dogs and wolves, Pepsi and tacos, and most of all his family.  When I say he is sweet to a fault, it isn’t that he’s sickly sweet.  He knows just the right time to give you a hug and tell you that he loves you. But you also can’t discipline his brother when he’s around.

Asher will almost always take the punishment for his brother if at all possible.  The boys often fight over the coveted bottom bunk in Isaac’s room.  We made a rule that if Isaac physically hurts his brother out of anger, Asher automatically gets the bottom bunk. It is a very effective form of discipline in our house.  Typically, Isaac will punch Asher or throw something at him out of anger, we say, “Asher get’s the bottom bunk” and then Isaac storms to his room.  Then Asher will closely follow and whisper to Isaac that he’ll give him the bottom bunk anyway. Sweet little punk.

I love this kid.  Everything about him.



When this baby grew in my womb, I named him Blessed.  I prayed that he would be blessed. You know all things and knew that in the future he would be the one to bless others around him. You are such a good God to give him to us. As the years have already passed by so quickly, may we not overlook the joy that this kid brings to our lives. May he continue to shine brightly your love to those around him. May he live a long and blessed life.