The Light

Jesus is compared to light all the time in the Bible.  He is the Light of the World.  I used to think that the metaphor was for a culture that valued light so much more than ours.  I can't imagine having to live by candle light or depend on the daytime hours to get all your work done.  Especially if I'm supposed to work as hard as the women in Jesus' time worked.  Light must have been a precious thing to them back then.  

But then I went to the Balloon Glow again this September.


We met up with some friends and watched as the the cloudy sky turned black and the balloons lit up the night. 


I just can't describe that feeling.  It's emotional, it takes my breath away, it's… Magical!

I struggle every year to get decent pictures, but the orange glow that the flames leave on your face, it's romantic and beautiful.


We stayed after the balloons had all been put away and watched fireworks. That's another light show that just warms my heart.  They boys withstood freezing rain and wind and loved the whole experience.  In fact, Isaac wrote a book about it:


The Trip to the Hot Aer Balloon Glow

By: Isaac Littleton

I wint to the hot are balloon glowe.  We wint with are friends Josia, Mika, Tim, Kim.

I wint in the tree.  We played ghost.  After we played it I saw Ginger, that is thare new dog!

Beep!  Beep! Wint the hot air balloon.  Mika and Josia brot glow stiks.

I said look look mom, a St. Louis one! (this boy loves his momma!)

Thin we saw more balloons.  I got to get in whon!

I barely sat down!  Then we watched fier wurks.  Boom!! Boom!!

I whish we could stay.  I was so happy.

The End.



I read this last night in John 3:19:

"This is the verdict:  Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil."

We don't naturally love darkness.  That's something you learn to do.  We learn to hide.  When we're born we're attracted to the light.  Try to get a baby to look at your face instead of the light over your head.  They won't do it.  When we're kids, we're afraid of the dark.  We know what lurks in shadows!  But even as adults, there are parts of us that are still attracted to the light.  My heart beats differently when I am sitting in front of a glowing fire or when I watch sparks light up the night sky.  It calms me.  It softens me just a bit.  

God is smart, he wired us this way and used this analogy in His word on purpose.  As jaded as we become, there is still a small part of us that is attracted to light; to The Light.

John 8:12

"When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, 'I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.'"



No Complaints

My legs hurt.  This is the first fall in a long time that I haven't been training for a half marathon.  I just decided to take the season off.  I'm still running a few times a week to keep in shape but I should have been doing a lot more!

Yesterday Randall, some friends, and I participated in the Warrior Dash.  


The course consisted of a hilly, bumpy, uphill 5k through the woods at a shooting range.  We were literally dodging bullets (shells) the whole race.  There were also 12 obstacles to perform in addition to running the hard terrain which included but was not limited to jumping over fire,


climbing ropes,


and crawling through mud under barbed wire.


But my legs were hurting the night before, too.  We went to a little theater to see one of our old youth kids perform his original music and open up before Sandra McCracken.  We took the boys for a night out.  It was a dangerous idea, we didn't know how long the boys would last in the dark theater.  I forgot to bring toys and snacks to keep them occupied, but we didn't need it.  Shortly after Sandra McCracken started playing Asher crawled up into Randall's lap and Isaac snuggled into mine.

My lap is not nearly big enough for a 6 year old to lay comfortably in, but Isaac stayed for over an hour and fell soundly asleep in my arms.  My legs were stuck underneath him in a weird position since I was wearing heels and after a while I started getting shooting pains through my knees and ankles.  I didn't mind.  It was worth it.

A few sore muscles is worth every second of being able to hold my boys and make awesome memories with friends.  I am truly blessed.





* Did you see the awesome Pinocchio shadow I cast on Randall's shirt?!