Big Boys

Isaac is growing so quickly and becoming a big boy all the time.  He’s finishing up summer school now.  He’s riding a bus and making new friends that I’ve never met. But there are a few things he did yesterday that remind me he’s not that big yet.

1. He can’t tie his shoes.  He has to wear flat laced up shoes to school so I have to tie them 500 times a day.  The other day I asked him to watch me tie his shoes because some day he’s going to need to learn how to do this on his own. He said, “Why?”  I said, “Don’t you want to be independent and be able to take care of yourself one day?”  I think my words were jibberish to him.  I’m pretty sure he’s planning on always letting me take care of him.  I’m not sure I mind…

2. He still hugs his friends.  Yesterday as I picked Isaac up from his bus stop, he had to say goodbye to his new friend Nolan.  So he walked away from me and shyly stood behind Nolan, waiting to get his attention.  When Nolan was finished talking to someone else, Isaac tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Bye Nolan!” and held up his two hands to give him high fives.  Nolan awkwardly slapped one of Isaac’s hands but missed the other.  Then the boys embraced in an awkward hug!  So cute.  I think boys usually quit hugging long before their armpits start smelling.  So we’ve got a few more good years, right?  He can’t fool me.

3. He still doesn’t know how to eat an ice cream cone.  Last night we went to Fritz’s to get some frozen custard (tonight’s West County special is my all time favorite flavor!  Can you guess what it is?).  Isaac ordered one scoop of chocolate on a cone.  His much wiser, younger brother ordered one scoop of chocolate in a cup.  While I’m very proud of Isaac for not being such a follower as he normally is, I wish he would have listened to his brother and ordered a cup as well.  Here’s how it turned out:
Isaac's cone

Baptism 2010

Last night we celebrated as 370 people took a step in faith and got dunked to proclaim their love and trust in Jesus.

It was an amazingly beautiful day, except for the temperatures in the 90s and the heat index of near 100 degrees.  We were all hot sweaty messes but it was a holy night.

I had the honor of witnessing this girl get baptized.

Along with five other girls from our small group!  It can be life changing to see joy like this on so many people's faces!

Afterwards, we celebrated in true Windsor style: with friends, family, music, dancing, ponies and bouncy houses! 
Here are some pics of the fun (and another one for Asher and Claire's wedding slide show).IMG_6869


Toy Story 3

Spoiler Alert! See the movie.  Then read this post!  You've been warned!

I don't want to scoop anything for anyone but Toy Story 3 is now my favorite Toy Story.  It was epic and beautiful and made me cry.

It's only the second movie I've seen with my boys in the theater.  The movie was great, but I loved watching my boys watch the movie.  Asher was loud and vocal and seemed mostly interested in his snack.  Randall packed a semi healthy snack of almonds, craisins, raisins, and dark chocolate M&Ms for both boys.  Then we added a few gummy stars on top. Asher kept squealing in delight and announcing loudly that he had found, "A RED STAR" and a "A GREEN ONE, TOO!!!"  

There were a couple of intense moments in the movie so I kept my eyes on my boys.  I kept asking Asher if he wanted to sit in my lap because, well… I wanted him to.  But he was fine sitting two seats down in a big chair all by himself.  But in those intense moments I watched him squirm and moan as he rooted for Woody and Buzz.

He looked so small.  He doesn't know it, but he's still just a baby.  Isaac's getting so big but he's still got his smooth baby face.  It's the softest thing I've ever touched!  I still have so much time with my boys.  I really want to soak it all up and remember every moment.  

At the end of the movie, Andy (the Toys' owner) goes off to college and the realization of it all hits his mom as she walks into his empty room.  That was it.  My chest began to shake as I found it difficult to breath and the lump grew in my throat.  I know that will be me before I know it.  But for now.  I will enjoy every minute.  I will store my memories here and keep them close to my heart.

Three Year Olds Do Not Know How to Negotiate.

Asher just asked me if he could bring some cars to the store when we go.  I said he could bring two.  He asked if he could bring three.  I said okay.  A few minutes later he decided he wanted four cars.  I said three.  He started to whine.  I said, "Okay, how about two cars."  He insisted on four.  I said, "if you're going to whine, I'm going to only let you have two cars."  He started crying and begging for four cars.  

Wait.  Maybe three year olds DO know how to negotiate…

We settled on three.


Dads have fun, too!

Last night while I was volunteering with a bunch of middle and high school kids, Randall took the boys exploring.


One of my favorite pictures of my brother was taken in a cornfield.  Being the "city" kids that we are, we didn't know much about corn growing up.  So driving down the road one day my dad looks at the corn next to the road and asks us:

"How tall do you think that corn is right there?"

"Oh, I don't know, three, four feet tall?"

"No way," he says.  "That corn is taller than you!"

We didn't believe him.  So he pulled over and made Matt get out and stand next to it.  Sure enough.  It was taller than him!  So that's the conversation we have every time we pass a cornfield.  Matt took a picture of himself standing next to the corn with a mug of coffee in his hands (he always had coffee in his hands) and it was on our refrigerator for years.


Can you just imagine the trees below full of orange, yellow and red leaves with the most beautiful bride you've ever seen standing in front of them.  Kayleigh's getting married here this fall.  It's going to be perfect!

And in just a few days this grass will be filled with people as they celebrate over 300 people getting baptized.  This is holy ground.  I can't wait for all the celebrations we have coming up.  Right here, in our very own backyard!


The boys found tadpoles and frogs on their exploration.IMG_6786
How big do you think those wheels are?  They're bigger than you!



I love being a mom.

Today, Asher and I walked to Isaac’s school to pick him up.  On the way home we stopped and caught some japanese beetles (the pesky little boogers that are eating my plum tree).  We smelled every daisy and day lily in our neighbor’s yard.  We poked at the bubbles in the hot tar on the street.  As we were approaching home it started to sprinkle.  Asher wanted to run inside.  But Isaac wasn’t done with those beetles.  So he and I caught a few more.  But then it started to rain pretty hard.  Isaac and Asher went inside, but there’s just something about a summer’s rain that made me want to sit on my bench on the porch and watch the rain come down.  Isaac soon joined me on the bench and Asher got tired of holding the door open for us and calling us in so he eventually sat down next to us.  We talked about how we love it when the rain makes our street turn into a river.  Isaac said he loves it when our back yard turns into a river. I, however, hate that!

We sat and experienced our summer rain.  We heard it beat on the drive way.  We saw the rain start to rush down the street.  We smelled that glorious smell, when a muggy hot day turns into a cool rain.  But then we decided we needed to really feel the rain.  I asked the boys if they wanted to dance in the rain.  They gladly jumped out in it and showed me their best dance moves.  

Here are some pictures.


75% of the fun is actually dancing in the rain.  It’s something new and exciting.  It’s dangerous and it’s rare.   But part of the fun is also drying off and putting on comfy clothes and snuggling on the couch in front of a good movie.  Which is where the boys are now.

I am SO blessed to be able to experience these times with my boys.  Thank you God for rain.  Thank you for a warm shelter from the storm.    Thank you for sweet, adventurous boys with great dance moves!  

My boys

My boys are so different.  

Isaac is happy.  He's fun loving and energetic and LOVES to be with his friends.

Asher is happy.  He enjoys playing with others, but plays really well by himself.  He LOVES his "babies" and his puppy!

Isaac is a follower.  He'll do anything a friend tells him to do.  Right or wrong.  We're trying to teach him to do the right thing, no matter what everyone else is doing.  It's something we remind him of almost daily. But he really is a good big brother.  He's always teaching Asher something new, or giving him the courage to try new things. IMG_4180
Asher does his own thing.  Isaac is often following Asher!  But usually while Isaac is hanging with his buddies, Asher would rather be collecting something or playing with his toys by himself.

As I write this, Asher is playing all around me quietly by himself.  Isaac would be wanting to play on the computer or watch TV or read a book.  Isaac has a great attention span, but Asher doesn't like to sit for that long.

Isaac is my sensitive kid.

Asher is my, well, let's just say his nickname around our house is "Basher." 

Isaac will eat anything and Asher won't eat anything. Isaac is very smart and Asher is very athletic.  They are both just very different.

But they are brothers.  IMG_5305

They love each other.

And I could not love them more.


It seems like just yesterday Isaac was graduating from preschool.  But alas, it was… like… two weeks ago. 

He wore a hat

He sang

He picked his nose in public

He took his shirt off and threw it behind him on stage

He got a certificate and told everyone he wanted to be an animal when he grew up

Then he got an awesome cupcake with his face stuck in it

He posed for the camera

Still had the birthday pose

Then Daddy took him to get Fritz's.  Because that's what you do after big events like this.