Many of the milestones little ones make don't have an exact date or moment to record in the baby book (or blog in our case).  When my boys started crawling, they would inch forward once on one day but not master the crawling for weeks.  Isaac took his first step towards a major milestone for us last week.

You may remember that Isaac has been asking deep questions about Jesus for a while now.  When he was three, he asked if we could see Jesus. I told him we could not see Jesus, but that he was like the air and wind.  We can feel him and watch him move things around us, but we can't see him with our eyes.

The other night at bedtime, we read a similar explanation from a book for bedtime stories for toddlers.IMG_5024

When we finished reading the story, Isaac says:

"Hey I know why we can't see Jesus. Because he lives inside of us."

I told him that he will live inside of us if we ask him to.  So Isaac said a quick prayer, "Jesus, please come live inside me."  Randall and I looked at each other and smiled.  It was quite cute.  But as I started thinking about it, this was Isaac, at his level asking God to lead his life.  I pray that Isaac's understanding of God and his desire to live for him and his desire for God to live IN him grows with every year.

Here is a picture of Isaac at last year's baptism.  He's looking intently in the water for what I can only imagine is some kind of bug.  Even though I said that I want nothing more than for my boys to be gentlemen, what I've been praying since they started growing inside me, is that my boys will grow to love God more than anything.  I can't wait for the day that Isaac takes his first step in this water on his own.IMG_1790

Why I say the things I say…

There are a couple of things I find myself shouting at my kids in public that might sound odd or rude every once in a while, so I thought I'd try to explain.

I am always trying to teach my kids to be polite and use kind words.  I want nothing more in life than for my boys to be the perfect date.  I want them to be gentlemen.  I want them to be kind to others.  Still I tell my kids to "Move it!" all the time. 

"Move it!" started when Asher first saw Madagascar.  I don't know if he even saw the movie or just a commercial for it…  But he started to sing the song, "I like to move it move it. Ya like to MOVE IT!" So in order to get him going we'd ask him, "Do you like to move it?!" and he'd immediately burst into song.  It was quite cute.  Now it's just me yelling, "Move it" which sounds so rude by itself… 

I also yell "Two Boys!" when I want both of their attention.  That started when Isaac was born.  I used to sing "One Boy" to him.  I'd make up the lyrics, we obviously didn't drink Coke together (and still don't Grandma and Grandpa!).  So I'd make up lyrics like, "One boy, one special boy.  One boy to rock with, to read with to eat with… One boy!  That's the way it should be."  When Asher came around, I just changed the lyrics to two boys.  Two special boys, etc. It's quite an endearing term to me now.  But when I'm in public and I yell out "two boys!" (or anything else rude sounding), just think: I probably have some sweet reason to say the things I say.


When I was little, I used to have this recurring dream that I would stand at the top of my stairs and do a flip in the air and land at the bottom of the stairs.

Isaac has been having the same dream.  He doesn't do a flip in the air, he just floats to the bottom. I wonder if this is a common dream all kids have. Either way, I think it's really interesting that Isaac and I have similar dreams.

I like him.

Sweet Things

My Boys are rowdy and hyper and they drive me crazy.   But they are stinking sweet sometimes, too.

You may know that Asher really thinks he is Spiderman.  To the affect that he thinks he will be protected from falling down flights of stairs and other dangerous catastrophes because he can just shoot his web to catch himself…

Anyway, as we speak the boys are playing super heroes.  They love to have someone to rescue.  They always have.  I guess we're just getting into new genres.  They shoot me lines like, "Hey Mom, say, 'My hero!'"  What they mean is, act like you're a damsel in distress in an old western.  Talk in your best falsetto southern accent and swoon because you just saw a dinosaur.  Then we'll rescue you and you can say, "My hero!"

Asher also likes to tell secrets.  He'll either call me over to tell me a secret and tickle my cheek instead, or just call me over to whisper, "I love you" in my ear.  

Asher also likes to smush your face when he's telling you something serious.

Isaac has always noticed the beautiful things in life when I've been too busy to notice.  Today we went to the park.  It was 37 degrees but we just had to get out of the house.  It's a cloudy cold day and our noses were running and our hands were cold, but both boys at separate times reminded me, "It's a lovely day today isn't it, Mommy?"  and "What a great day for the park!"  I pray they will always find the joy in life.