Following the Leader

I've been watching Isaac and Asher to see if they are stronger leaders or followers.  Isaac is definitely a follower at this time in his life.  Asher will do whatever he pleases and you can't change his mind about anything. Isaac will follow Asher. 

Isaac has a good friend named Caden who is very different from him.  Isaac likes me to call him Caden (or President Bergman).  And he is very adamant about the fact that he has brown hair and brown eyes just like Caden and gets very upset if you tell him otherwise…

Conversations with Jesus

Isaac has conversations with Jesus all the time.  He prays every night before bed.  It goes a little like this, "Dear God, thank you for Mommy, Daddy, Asher, and each other, thank you for toys and books and walls. In Jesus name I pray, Amen."

A couple of months ago he told me:

"Mom, Jesus is talking to me but I can't quite hear him."

I hear him talking to God all the time.  Sometimes I'll think he has been talking to me, but when I respond he says, "No, Mom, I'm talking to God."

Today in the car he asked God to take off his buttons.  They were making it hard for him to unbutton his pockets.

So what does it mean to have a child like faith?  Isaac believes in God without seeing him.  He trusts him completely in everyday matters and bigger things like the healing of his friends.  He thanks God for everything he sees.  I will continue to learn from him how to trust my God.


I know it's typical that mom's slack off with the second child, but I still feel horrible.  I haven't been noting Asher's developmental milestones.  But let me tell you, he is growing and learning more every day.

Asher is so smart.  He already knows every color in the rainbow and brown, white and pink.  He can recognize the letter A and points it out every time he sees it. He'll say "A for Asher" 10 times a day when he notices an A.

He loves to sing.  But it seems the only song he knows is Jingle Bells.  He's still working on enunciating so it is probably hard for others to understand him, but I can understand about 70% of what he says.  Sadly, the one thing I don't understand is what he wants every night before bed.  He always asks for a "B".  I've given him books and blankets and toy bees but nothing seems to satisfy that want.

He's very active.  He loves to run and jump.  He's always daring to jump off higher and higher things, but he still wants me to carry him up the stairs every time.  He's a huge momma's boy.  I'll make him mad and he'll cry for less than a minute before he just wants to jump in my arms.

He's SO sweet but he sure loves to beat up his brother.  He's still constantly head butting and kicking his brother.  Poor Isaac seems defenseless against him.  I tell Isaac to run away but Randall tells him to fight back.  Isaac seems to be obeying me. Now that you know he's an easy target, please try not to take advantage of him.Web