Aw Spit.

Asher loves to play a new game called "Spit."  Some of you may know a card game a lot like Speed called Spit.  This, unfortunately, is not what I’m talking about.

When I’m holding Asher and he’s in a great mood.  I’ll put him in front of my face to talk to him or see him smile, and he’ll stick out his tongue and spit in my face.  He also does this at mealtimes.  He’ll wait until he’s swallowed most of the food (and we’re just happy he’s swallowing most of his food these days.  It took him over a month to finally eat from a spoon!) and then stick out his tongue and spit.  It leaves a multicolored splatter on my pants, the table, occasionally my face and feet.  It’s quite lovely.  I think Randall has a clip of it.  I’ll make him post it soon.

Separation Anxiety

I don’t remember Isaac going through the separation anxiety as Asher currently is.  But I don’t remember a lot of things about Isaac as a baby.  It’s crazy how I can forget so much in less than two years…

Anyway… Asher is going through this phase: when you leave the room, he screams.  It’s more like he just needs your attention at all times.  I’m usually happy to give it to him, but I can’t always be in the same room as him.

How do you tell your seven month old baby that you will always come back?!  If he only knew how much I love and adore him he wouldn’t cry when I left the room.  He’d know I’d be back for him, soon.  I don’t know if he’ll ever know  how much I care for him until he has a baby of his own. For now, I guess I’ll keep coming back in the room; keep holding him to soothe his tears. I sure don’t mind doing that for now.

Where’s my brother?

So Isaac and I were upstairs getting ready to go to the park today and Asher was screaming downstairs when I told Isaac to go give Asher a kiss to make him feel better.  [Asher’s been going through the separation anxiety phase and sometimes all he needs is a little attention to make him stop crying.] So, Isaac went downstairs and I finished putting in my contacts.  I listened to Asher cry the whole time I was upstairs so I was hurrying to get down and soothe him.  I was downstairs less than 45 seconds later.  But that’s all it took for Isaac to drag Asher into the bathroom and close the door.  By the time I got to the bottom step, I heard Asher’s cries muffled and Isaac said, "Where’s my brother" in a sweet voice like he had just invented a new game and he was proud of himself for being so creative…

I ran in the bathroom and rescued Asher from the floor.  I checked all his limbs to make sure Isaac hadn’t dislocated anything… And I didn’t see any scratches (he was laying face down…).  You may have laughed as Randall did when I told him, but it was a scary moment for me.  So the moral of this story is, it’s STILL not okay to leave your 2 and 1/2 year old with your 7 month old alone for a second.

I think I’m going to go rename the blog, A Learning Experience.  Or Take it from Me.  How about, Do as I Say, Not as I Do… Any other suggestions?

A sad day

Today… I became "Mom".  My little boy refuses to call me "Mommy" anymore.  He’s been calling me "Mom" all day.  When I asked him what my name was he said, "Emily".  I said, "Yes, but you call me Mommy."  He said,  "Mom."  I’ve been Mom all day…  Now I know exactly how my mom felt when she asked us to call her "Mommy."

As soon as it will work, I think I’m going to start refusing to answer unless he says Mommy…

Isaac keeps growing up.  I never thought I’d say this in the midst of his terrible twos, but I wish he’d just stay this little forever…

On the move

I’m going to say that today, Asher started crawling.  He’s been able to get around for quite a while now by rolling.  The past week or so, he’s been rocking back and forth on his hands and knees getting ready to crawl. Last night, he moved his knees forward but not his hands.  Today, he tried a different technique.  He started scooting forward like an inch worm (like Isaac did for months).  He’s officially on the move!