First flight

Asher went on his first plane ride yesterday. The family is in Colorado for a few days. We’re bumming around Steamboat for a few days, then heading to Estes Park for the weekend.

Asher is is doing pretty good traveling. We were at Table Rock Lake last week, so he’s logged a lot of travel time lately.

He’s now 5.2 months old and laughing up a storm. I’ll have to get some video of Isaac making him laugh, it is quite funny to watch.

OK..we’re off to the pool!

Here’s the view from our room

pics from the lake…

So these are a couple of weeks old now. We’re just now getting around to putting them up. You’ll have to click HERE to see them. They’re not on our normal pics and shorts page.

We had a great time with the Allens and the Holders. Isaac had his first tubing ride and Asher had his first boat ride. For Isaac…this was old hat.

We’re in Steamboat, CO right now. We’ll post some updates later on today.