Good News

What a way to start the week!  Yesterday our church celebrated with 286 people who were baptized in a "lake" behind our building.  Ten days ago, the forecast for Sunday was sunny and 97 degrees.   Two days ago, the forecast was thunderstorms.  Last night about 30 minutes before the baptism started, the clouds parted and we sat in the sunshine at about 80 degrees.  It was lovely.  So, afterward, we partied.  Asher fell asleep while Isaac rode a pony, jammed to some good music, and flirted with three or four little girls.Img_1478Img_1496

After such a great night, we had to say goodbye to Daddy until Thursday.  We were moping around the house when Isaac said, "Pee potty?"  Sure enough, he wanted to go pee on the potty!  I sat him down and left the room to put Asher down.  When I came back he said, "I peed!"  And he had!  Hooray!  This is officially the second time he has used the toilet but the first time on his own terms!   It’s a good day…


Since Isaac turned two he’s had plenty of big boy moments.  He got his first scraped knee (I don’t know how it happened, you’ll have to ask Aunt Kayleigh and Brian).  Not that I’m excited that he got hurt, but that’s something you kind of expect as a mom, a skinned knee that you get to kiss and make better with a kiss and a band aid.

We also got rid of the pacifier!!!  Isaac often plays in his room when he wakes up before Randall and me.  One morning about a week or two ago, he squeezed his pacifier into a child locked drawer and couldn’t get it out.  I didn’t know it was in there so when he asked for his pacifier and I couldn’t find it, I told him too bad!  He’s been sleeping with out it ever since!  Hurray!

And now for potty training!!!!