I’ll never do it again, but I’ve been comparing Asher to Isaac.  I remember Isaac’s first laugh vividly.  We were at camp on Lookout Mountain.  Isaac was getting fussy at dinner so I took him to the bathroom to change his diaper.  There was no changing table (I guess Christian college students don’t bring their babies to dinner often enough to have a changing station…) so I was balancing 2 1/2 month old Isaac on a narrow ledge as I changed his diaper.  There was nothing funny going on but he laughed the entire time we were in the bathroom.  It was the sweetest (no doubt about it) laugh I had ever heard.

Asher was three months old and I still hadn’t heard his laugh yet.  There was one time when I had some music loud and I was bouncing him on my knee where I thought I heard one "huh" like a manly chuckle but the music was so loud, I couldn’t be sure it was the official first laugh.  It wasn’t until Isaac’s birthday May 17 that Asher laughed (again?).  And it was the same just little chuckles ("huh huh").  Isaac and I were repeating Asher’s nonsense words and he got a kick out of it.

Isaac was named after his great great great grandfather but I have always loved the meaning of names and his means "laughter".  He laughed early and he laughs often!

Asher means "happy" and "blessed".  His smile is contagious and he smiles on command.  Just ask him to smile and show him your best happy face and he will give you the sweetest smile.

Randall and I listened to Freakonomics on our trip to Arkansas.  The authors talk about how your name may affect your life.  For instance Mr. Lane named his sons Winner and Loser.   How do you think their lives turned out?  The truth is Loser became a winner compared to his brother.  It’s very interesting stuff.  I don’t know if I am more industrious than any other person.  I’m probably the least industrious of all Emilys.  But I have a feeling that my boys are going to live out their names.


For more happy pictures of the Gardens go to Aunt Laura’s flickr site.

I don’t know why

I don’t know why I post things like this… It’s certainly NOT to brag on my parenting skills.  I guess it’s for a laugh and to let you all learn from my mistakes.  Here goes:

So Isaac has been pretty whiney lately.  I think he’s getting a cold or teeth or just being a two year old.  I’m doing my best to deal with two screaming kids sometimes… So yesterday when Isaac was feeding Tabby (our dog) and I was making dinner, I looked over and Isaac was about to put some dog food in his mouth.  I said, "No, Isaac.  That’s yucky." and made him put it in Tabby’s bowl.  He then started to cry and get angry in one of his typical tantrum modes.  So I intervened and said, "Fine, eat the dog food, you won’t like it.  It’s yucky."  This stopped the crying and he picked up a piece and held it for about 3 minutes contemplating if he should really eat it.  I kept looking back at him to see if he had eaten it.  I didn’t know if he would really eat it, but I was sure if he did, he’d spit it out and never try it again…. That’s where I was wrong.  After a while he finally put the bit in his mouth and crunched away.  I looked at him with surprise and said, "Do you like it?!" He said, "mmm hmmm" and continued to munch away. 

I did however stop him as he started walking on hands and feet towards her water bowl…

Way to go, Mom!

Around the block

Well Asher has been around the block a few times over the past couple of weeks.

Let’s see….
• He’s started to laugh (non-gas related)
• He smiles a lot
• Turned 3 months old
• He has a LOT of gas
• He holds his head up like a pro
• He took his first step yesterday
• He saw a lot of grandparents and uncles
• His Brother turned 2

Check out some of his latest pics…

Ring Bearer

Isaac was a studly ring bearer this past weekend. I've never seen a more handsome boy!  His cousin (once removed) Jonathan got married in Arkansas on Mother's Day.  It was an odd choice for a wedding day but it made my Mother's Day! 

We got the tux only a week ago and it needed some alterations (thanks Mom!) so we didn't get much practice in it.  We didn't think it would help much anyway.  We didn't have high hopes for Isaac.  I told Jonathan that I could guarantee that Isaac would be cute but I couldn't promise that he'd make it down the aisle.  I totally forgot that Isaac would need to walk in his brand new shoes holding a pillow.  His shoes were so stiff that he sort of stomped when he walked.  They kept catching the aisle runner, too  (you'll notice that in the video).  But he made it!  Isaac was one of four of the little ones in the wedding and only he and an older girl made it down the aisle.  It was a beautiful wedding and (in my opinion) Isaac was the cutest one there!

Check out the pics and the shorts for all the cool shots.


Look a Likes

Isaac’s really funny.  Sometimes he’ll see a picture of someone famous
and think it’s me or Randall.  Here’s our latest look a likes:

Here’s "Daddy"             Here’s "Mommy"                                              
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What is he trying to say here?