No I didn’t just say that.  But the kids from Sesame Street did.  And Isaac did it in the potty today!!!  We’ve got some really good black mail pictures of him. We haven’t decided if we’re mean enough to post them or not…

Potty Update

This mom stuff is really hard.  I haven’t really read anything on how to potty train but I started anyway.  Dumb.  I started reading this book about how you can potty train a 6 week old.  As I come across a tip, I try it out.  I really need to finish my book before I start…

Anyway, my book says to let your kid run around naked for a while. When they pee and poop in their diaper they don’t realize what’s happening.  When they pee and poop on the floor, apparently they learn where it comes from and what I’m talking about when I use those words.  Needless to say, we’re out of carpet cleaner.  I gladly welcome any tips!  I don’t have time to finish a book!

Big Boy

We took Asher to the doctor today for his 6 week check up.  It was a crazy experience with a baby and a toddler.  I think Isaac stole some syringes…  Anyway, here are the stats:

Asher weighs 13 pounds and 6 ounces!!!  He’s in the 97th percentile for weight! Woah.
He is 23 and 3/8 inches long (not tall yet), that’s the 70 percentile.

I swear he eats LESS than Isaac did.  Isaac had trouble gaining weight and Asher is all cheek!  He had to get 6 (count em 6!!!) vaccines today.  Five shots and one drink.  He screamed but calmed down quickly.  I think Isaac was pretty nervous for him.  Unfortunately, the tylenol wore off around 3pm today and his swollen and bruised leg must be hurting him horribly.  He’s been quite the unhappy boy since three. Poor Baby. I’ll have Randall take a picture of the leg, it breaks my heart!  I guess he bruises like his mommy.Dsc05696




PS. He can lift his head like a 4 month old AND he’s still sleeping through the night!

Just Like Us

Isn’t the miracle of life amazing?!  I can’t get over the fact that Asher is a perfect mix of Randall and me.  Randall and I are pretty laid back and flexible people and it just so happens that our kids are, too.  With two kids it would be really nice to have them on a schedule as soon as possible.  But as you may know, Asher and Isaac do their own thing.  Our last post is all about how Asher has been staying up later. Since then we had one or two bad nights where Asher ate around 3am and didn’t go back to sleep until 5am. 

BUT (drum roll please!)  Last night Asher officially slept through the night!  Now, it was only 6 hours of sleep for him but Praise God and Hallelujah that’s a good amount to sleep!  We were so blessed with Isaac, I have no idea when he first slept through the night because he always did.  I would wake him up for feedings the first few weeks but then I just let him sleep through them. So here’s a THANK YOU GOD and a prayer for many more nights like last!

growing up

So Isaac is growing up. I think he has given up on the childish Blue’s Clue (it’s probably Joe’s fault). Isaac now likes ‘meow and mou’…or Tom and Jerry. Finally daddy can watch some decent cartoons with his boy. I have noticed how violent Tom and Jerry are. I ended up OK…I think Isaac will also.