One Eyed Willie

We have many nicknames for our newest addition:

Frog face
Turtle neck
Yellow Bellied Sneetch
Oompa Loompa
Left Eye
and Willie

(We really do love our kid!)

The last two names are in reference to the famous  "One Eyed Jack" and "One Eyed Willie".  Asher is a smart kid.  When he wakes up from a nap, he first opens his left eye to see if there is anything to see worth opening the right eye…


Jinx, jinx double jinx

Sorry we haven’t posted in a while.  I think I’ve been trying to avoid jinxing myself.  Asher is such a good baby!  He eats well (very well) and sleeps well.  He doesn’t cry more than 10 minutes a day.  He only cries when he needs something and we can usually meet that need quickly and he’ll be happy again.  Currently, he’s laying on the floor wiggling around perfectly happy without our entertainment…  He makes the sweetest little noises.  Now I don’t want to jinx it because I know that colicky behavior often starts at week 3 (which happens to start today).

Anyway, Asher got out of his "superhero" bed two Thursdays ago.  We’re thinking the power he was given may just be contentment.  We’ll post more pictures soon!

wow…1 week.


Asher is one week old.


Next thing you know he’ll be driving.

So how has the week been. Good. Asher is growing really well. For those who don’t know, new born’s lose 10% of their body weight the first week or so, then they get it back. Asher lost about a pound, and is now back to his original birth weight. That boy can eat!

Asher is sleeping and eating all the time. HOPEFULLY today is the last day for that Super Hero bed. I can’t wait to see what his powers will be.

Hopefully something like this:
…and Leah named him Asher, for she said, “What joy is mine! The other women will consider me happy indeed!”
Genesis 30:13

Lost in translation

Isaac is adjusting very well to his new little mimi (baby). We thought now would be a good time to give you the Isaac translation handbook.

I Zee= Isaac
Gee go= stairs (usuallly said "I zee gee go" meaning he wants to go upstairs)
Nonee= thank you
Meeeeee= please
Zozee= Sorry
Mommy= Mommy
Daddy= Daddy
Da= Daddy
Bah= Ball
Bahbe= Tabby or Button or Potty
Papa= Grandpa
Mama= Grandma
Mimi= baby (he may point to the computer and say "no mimi" meaning he wants to look at pictures of babies)
Nak= Snack
How= Hot
Ow (when said with a hand motion like he’s trying to snap)= Off
Go= Car
Boo= Book
Fow= fall (like boo fow or fow boo means book fell)
Vell= Help (he needs help with something)
Zeezee= TV
Boo Boo= Blues Clues
Bah bo= Pablo (he wants to watch Backtardigans)

I’m sure there is more, but this should get you going.

Day 2

What a day! Before I forget…HERE are the pics.

We had a steady stream of visitors… not too many. Having church in the evening kept a lot of people from stopping by. It was good to see friends and family.

Speaking of Family…Grandma and Grandpa Littleton got in from Oklahoma around 5:00. Grandpa hurt his ankle on Friday, and was in a lot of pain. We checked him into the hospital and he’s right down the hall from us!

Dsc05240So Asher has that yellow thing. Apparently his Billy Rubins are acting up. So he has to sleep in this Super Hero bed. I think he’s getting special powers.

So it looks like we will be here until around 3:00 this afternoon.

We’ll keep you (this) posted!

He’s HERE!!!


Isaac’s little brother is here!

Isaac got to hand out with Kristi Allen in the morning. She brought him to the hospital in the morning to play with mom and dad, and then took him home for his nap.

Grandpa played with him in the waiting room while Asher was making his appearance. They had a good time. Isaac should be here (at the hospital) pretty soon to visit. His Oklahoma Grandparents should be here this afternoon.

More on the adventures of Isaac later….

Easy Peesy Lemon Squeezy

My BUTT!  Emily here.  What an eventful day we had yesterday!  We were called in early to induce labor at St. John's. That was good because I was waking up every hour waiting for that call.  We got to the hospital in good spirits.  The games began around 8:30am. That's when I got the first dose of Pitosin to get the contractions going.  They were very manageable but I was reassured that I could get an epidural at anytime to stay ahead of the pain.  I did this with Isaac and literally felt nothing the entire labor. I was happy and able to enjoy every second of the experience.  I planned on having a similar experience with Asher's birth.  So I got an epidural when I was around 4cm dilated.  This really slowed down the labor but that didn't stop Dr. Anstey from pumping up my Pitocin levels to uncomfortable heights (he got in a fight with my nurse about it)!  That should have done the trick to keep the progress going.  Slowly but surely I was dilating but Asher didn't seem to want to come out.  There were many threats of C-Sections and Anstey let my epidural wear off to almost zero pain relief.  I have no idea how I managed to get through that birth process.  I take that back, it was obvious that all of your prayers were the reason that my last two centimeters went in record time and the fact that Asher came out without a C-section. So thank you God for the true miracle of birth.



Seriously, did you see that picture with the nurse holding up Asher?!  He's huge!  But SO beautiful.  We had a really good night.  He's eating well (would you expect anything else with this baby?) and making the most precious noises.  You've got to come meet him.  Call before you come just to make sure we're not in the shower or feeding him, but come on over! 

And we’re off!

it’s 6:50am and we just got the call from the hospital. We’ll keep everyone posted…we’ll post pictures and comments and all the news here as soon as we can get online.

We’re online at the hospital. it is waaaaay slow..but we have it. We’ll post pics when we can. It looks like it might sometime this afternoon. We’re not sure yet.

Keep praying.