New Date

So I went to see Dr. John today. There’s been no change since last week.  Which is a relief to me considering Randall will be out of town all weekend. But the big news is…this baby is not going to wait until his original due date.  Dr. John is a very laid back man so you never know how big a deal something may be.  But apparently, Asher is a big baby… Big enough to be born whenever I’m ready.  So if by next Tuesday I’ve started dialating then we are going to set a date to induce labor.  If we get to pick, we’ll try to have Asher on the 10th so G & G Littleton can be here.  If we don’t get to pick, Dr. John suggested having the baby on the 8th or 9th.  So according to your guesses, Grandpa Bill may be right on the nose…

Terrible Twos Suck!

You may not have heard but the "Terrible Twos" can often start as early as 18 months.  Well, Isaac is 20.5 months now and he is advanced in many areas including communication. Apparently he’s ready for the terrible twos.  Guess who’s not ready… ME!  With all the changes that are coming his way I am NOT looking forward to the continued tantrums I see everyday.  Isaac gets so frustrated at the tiniest things.  When I put his milk away he screams "NO" but he doesn’t want to drink any either.  He just wants it hanging around getting warm… And he can cry about that one act for over an hour!

You may think that my kid is laid back and cool at all times… You have no idea about the devil inside him. He rolls on the ground and kicks his feet and screams.  The other day he started biting the couch, then his finger… He’s smacked my face and thrown his toys.  With my pregnant hormones I can barely handle it. Fortunately, this behavior seems only to rear it’s ugly face before lunch. After a good lunch and a nap, he’s back to his normal cool self.

I used to nanny a four year old girl that would throw tantrums like this and it didn’t phase me one bit.  God, give me the strength, sanity, and wisdom to raise my children well.

Would I?!

Everyone knows that children are, how should we say…honest.   Honest to the point of embarrassment on many occasions.  We’ve all heard the stories:

A small child is giving his grandmother a sweet hug when he bursts out,"Grandma, you have a mustache!"

I’ve been wondering what I would say when my child became embarrassingly honest…

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the doctor’s office today.  First there are a few things you need to know about Isaac.  1. He calls all letters "I".  I guess because the first letter he learned was an I (for Isaac). 2. He can’t tell the difference between letters and numbers. 3. We go in elevators all the time and I know my kid so I’m not lying when I tell you I knew what he was talking about…

So today we got into the elevator on the way up to the doctors office and a lovely woman wearing a beautiful tan suede eye patch (with embroidery!) was waiting to go to our same floor.  She just happened to be standing next to the floor buttons and under the light that tells you what floor you’re on.  Isaac pointed over her head and said, "i, i".  And I said, like I usually do in elevators, "No that’s a number 2, not a letter."  But how embarrassing!  I know that woman assumed that Isaac was pointing out her lovely eye patch. But what do you say? "I’m sorry ma’am.  He was definitely not talking about your eye patch but the number 2, which he CALLS and eye (I swear!).  Not that it’s noticeable.  But it is a lovely patch.  Did you do that fancy embroidering yourself?"

Tell me your embarrassing kid stories so I don’t feel as bad!


I went to the doctor today.  He said that I’m making some progress but that is not telling as to when Asher will make his first appearance.  I asked if I should be worried that Randall was going out of town next week.  He said that it is highly unlikely that Asher would be that early.  He then proceeded to tell me that I had a 50% chance at having the same timing as the last pregnancy… whatever that means… I just thought I’d let you know in case you wanted to change your guesses.

He Fell Off

Last night around 1am I heard Isaac crying.  I turned on our monitor and saw something moving under the bed.  When I went into his room he was half asleep under the foot of his bed wrapped up like a pig in a blanket.  I guess he just rolled right off the bed.  I whispered, "Are you okay?"  He said, "yah." and I put him back in bed and that was the end of it.  I have such a good kid!

Big Boy Update

Isaac had a pretty normal naptime today.  He played around in his new bed and threw out all of the toys, blankets, pillows, etc.  After about 20 minutes he tried to get down.  Thankfully, Randall was close by and put him back in bed immediately.  He cried for a little bit.  It took probably an hour for him to get to sleep.

Tonite, we put him down for the night tucked in the covers with his pacifier and Elmo and he didn’t move at all.  He didn’t cry (for more than 30 seconds) but went straight to sleep.  Thank you, God!

Whoa Baby!

Well, not anymore.  Isaac is an official Big Boy! Last night Isaac slept in his Big Boy Bed all night long!  We’ve been checking it out and playing on it for a week now but last night we decided to make the switch.  Randall put Isaac down and tucked him into the sheets (he’s never slept with sheets before!).  Isaac just laid there paralyzed by the constricting sheets as he stared at the top bunk unable to close his eyes.  Randall was strong enough to leave the scared little boy alone in the dark (I was entertaining a friend downstairs).  It took about an hour for Isaac to finally fall asleep but he never got out of bed.  He slept from 9pm to 7am (we can usually get him to sleep in the crib from 8pm-7:30 or 8am) and woke up happy.  I kept an eye on him through our video monitor all night as I would get up to go to the bathroom.  He stayed in the bed and woke up happy.  We let him play for about 30 minutes before he started calling, "Down, Down".  I didn’t want him to learn how to get down by himself so I went in and got him up and clapped and cheered.  If you see him, give him a high five for sleeping in the big boy bed!

I’ll let you know how nap time goes today…

Sorry, I’m healthy.

I hate that I just introduced this new site and so many people have checked it out… and I haven’t written anything in a while.  I’m sorry.  There’s just nothing to add.  I went to the doctor last week and he said I’m healthy. My weight gain is "perfect" (right….), the baby’s size is perfect and the heartbeat is perfect, "see you in two weeks." So I have nothing to update.  I am feeling fine.  The baby is kicking the snot out of me all the time.  Especially after dinner.  I think he’s ready to get out.  And I’m ready to let him out.

Let’s start a new survey. What do you think he’ll look like? Do you think he’ll look exactly like Randall? Isaac looked like Grandpa Bill when he was born.  As he grew he became the spitting image of Randall as a baby.  The only physical feature he got from his mom was her blue eyes. Do you think this time Asher will have a bit of the Kirkland genes or are those Littleton genes too dominant? What do you think?