You Were Right

Unless your name is Roger Littleton, you guessed right (sorry big guy)!  It's a boy.  I took a quiz the night before the ultrasound and it asked me questions like:

Does your pillow face the north or south?
Do you eat the heels in a loaf of bread?
as well as
Do you crave fruit or ice cream? (can't it be both?!)

You know, very scientific questions that were supposed to tell me if I was having a boy or girl (I didn't mention the questions about my chest, hip, and butt size!).  It told me I had a 71% chance of having a girl and a 28% chance of having a boy.  Well, I'll take the 28% chance of having a boy any day over the 1% chance of having an "other".

I've been talking about how much I want a girl, but laying in the doctors office I teared up thinking of my two boys playing together and becoming good friends.  I can't wait to see what this one will be like!  He's already quite smart and good looking.  Take a look at our new little buddy.

Boy 2


I’m (emily) feeling much better today.  Let’s all pray that Randall doesn’t get sick!  So far so good! I’m so thankful that he was healthy yesterday to play with Isaac and take good care of me!  What a good dad…

3 Days!!!

We have an ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday, September 26.  Hopefully we’ll find out if our new baby is a boy or a girl.  I am SO excited to finally call this baby by his or her name!  Speaking of, we’d love to hear any suggestions for names (not that we’ll use them.  We have our own ideas).  We are especially needing some fresh girl names.  Let us know what you think, and make sure to give us names that we’re allowed to use (don’t give us the names you’ve been saving for your future kids!).

2 out of 3

well…2 out of 3 people @ Isaac’s house are puking. Isaac started it. Well…that’s not true, we blame everything on Finly. So Isaac would wake up in a pool of pink puke. It was so disgusting. A mix of hotdogs, corn, and pedisure. He was rolling around in it, so it was everywhere.

Em started this morning. She’s not rolling around in it–that’s good. I think Isaac’s about finished, but he isn’t eating anything. Maybe today will be better. He’s on the BRAT diet–Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce, and Toast. But it’s not much of a diet when you don’t eat it.

I’m feeling fine…so far.