Big Brother, Big Schmlother

So Randall and I took Isaac to meet his newest friend, Mason Hale the other day.  He was less than a day old and I just couldn’t wait to meet him.  We dragged Isaac to the hospital after dinner and maybe he was tired, maybe he was full, or maybe he was teething… but he did NOT like sharing attention with a baby.  I got to hold Mason right away and Isaac immediately tried to crawl up my legs and into my occupied arms.  He then began to throw a fit as Randall tried to calm him down.  This event has given us high hopes for this coming February.

So I got on Ebay and ordered a cheap doll that makes a crying sound.  I tried it out on him today… not quite sure what I should do with a screaming plastic "baby".  I let Isaac see the baby and showed him her little feet and hands and asked him if he wanted to touch the baby nicely.  He crawled up and touched the doll’s feet and then went on to play.  I let the baby cry for a few seconds and acted like I was soothing it as I rocked it and whispered "hush, hush" in it’s ear.  It stopped crying when I put the pacifier in it’s mouth and I continued to rock it and pretend like I remembered what to do with an upset baby.  As Isaac continued to play and I continued to hold the doll, he continued to get upset with it.  He eventually started crying (real tears!) and tried to push the doll out of my arms.  I let him crawl into my lap and gave him lots of kisses but continued to hold the doll, so he continued to cry… 

Anyway.  Any suggestions on how to get a one year old ready for a new baby in the house would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

Let’s see… Where did we leave off?  Oh yah… We took a metro down to Chinatown and had dinner after a short severe thunderstorm.  It actually lessened the traffic and made for an easy night.  From dinner we walked down to the edge of the Mall and watched some great fireworks.  They were about equal to Florissant’s finale and lasted about 20 minutes.  I only saw one new firework that I hadn’t seen before; it looked like polka dots… Did anyone see that at their fireworks display?

From D.C. we went on to Lynchburg, VA the home of Jerry Falwell.  We took a tour of the town and saw some historical sites like a home once owned by Thomas Jefferson.  We did a lot of relaxing and had fun with Randall’s brother and family.  Isaac practiced his walking and is now officially a walker. He still crawls but is walking more than crawling… I think.

We also took a day trip to Winston Salem, NC to visit our friends, Scott and Lori Trefts.  Scott and Lori have two great danes, Bono and Mia.  We didn’t have a saddle handy otherwise Isaac could have taken them for a ride.  They are huge.  Check out the pictures to see Bono standing as tall as Randall.

Well, it was a good and relaxing trip.  But we’re all glad to be home.

Off to a …. start

Randall, Isaac and I took off to our East Coast Vacation yesterday morning  on an early start around 5:30am.  We had an uneventful morning at the airport (and if you know me, you know that is a rare thing). When we arrived in Baltimore, we were shuttled over to the rental car where we were given a beautifully equipped Infinity G35.  As the Enterprise guys were loading our luggage they found that my baggage was leaking a white liquidy substance.  We opened the case and saw that my shampoo bottle had leaked all over Isaac’s, and my clothes.  We couldn’t do anything about then so we started towards D.C. On the way, we got pulled over by an obvious speed trap on the highway.  After a long encounter with a rude cop, we left with an $80 ticket.  Once we got to D.C. we parked down the street from Derek’s apartment and had a great lunch at ‘The Diner’.  When we got back to our car, we had a parking ticket.  Apparently, when we parked there was an allegedly official sign on our parking meter that said it was broken.  When we got back just an hour later, the sign had been removed and the meter had been fixed.  Needless to say, Randall is going to be writing the D.C. police a letter.  After that good start, we went to the Mall and saw all the touristy attractions before we headed back to Derek’s apartment where we chilled for the rest of the night.

This morning we took a walk down to a great little bakery, followed by the zoo.  We saw a lot of birds and a few bigger animals, including an elephant who was getting a bath.  It was hot and muggy but we still had a great time.  We just all woke up from our naps and we’re ready for dinner and fireworks.  We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm so we’ll see how that turns out.  We’re having a great and relaxing time.  Check out the pictures to see us having fun.