New Family!

Well Isaac finally got to meet his very cool family that now lives in VA (which by the way, I hear is for lovers). Uncle Roger and Aunt Jayme, and cool cousins Alyssa, Kari and Jonathan (but he knows Jonathan already). Isaac also met a bunch of the Littleton clan. I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for not mentioning them all…so just check out the new pictures on the right.

Isaac had a wonder first Christmas. He really likes bows and paper. There were equal amounts of KU and OU gifts. He was happy that Kansas won it’s bowl game, and is looking forward to hanging out with fellow OU fans Alan, Lisa and little Dax. Dax’s middle name is Owen Field. Dax Owen Field Fortenberry.

This is Isaac and Dax:

Boomer Sooner.

Sleeping Beauty

When I (Emily) was a kid, I looked at all the Disney Princesses and decided which one I liked best.  I decided that if I could be any princess, I'd be Sleeping Beauty.  She had it all!  She was beautiful, she got to sleep all the time but was awoken by a handsome prince's kiss!  What a great story!  I loved it so much that I even wanted to name my baby girl Aurora (it means Dawn) and call her Rory (I'm also a Gilmore Girls fan).  Luckily for Randall we had a boy!  I still get plenty of sleep and kisses by a handsome man.  I wouldn't change Isaac for the world!  Here's a few pictures of my sleeping beauty


an update…

We haven’t updated this thing in a while…so let’s see……

Isaac likes squash now. He started on ‘real’ food last week. He’s starting to get the hang of things. He is learning how to swallow and not push all the yummy green beans out of his mouth. And now he as real poop! Dis gust ting. Whoa. We are starting to potty train him now. I think he’s ready. Isaac will be the first kid potty trained before he can walk (or crawl, for that matter).

He’s getting to be very mobile. His head still guides his whole body, but he can get to where he wants to go. Which by the way always seem to be for the remote. Hmmm…..maybe that’s genetic.

Ok…I’m done. Take a look at some random pics I found  and some from the holidays.

Maybe mom will update this with something better……