Pie Nite!

100_3540 Isaac had his first pie nite last nite! He had a little bit of Strawberry Cream Pie, Praline Pumpkin, Banana Cream, and Lemon Meringue. It is safe to say he had a good time. There were 25 pies in all…and they'll all be gone very soon. Here are the pie nite pictures. We'll post some thanksgiving pics later on.


Happy thanksgiving! We can't wait to see everyone.

Now back to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

First Bites

The doctor’s visit was very successful.  Isaac got four shots and he took it like a man… unfortunately his mom took it like a woman.  He weighs 15 and a half pounds and he’s 26 and a half inches long so he’s still thin and long for his age.  We also got the go ahead to start feeding him food.  We took a few pictures of the first few bites.  He is a born eater.  He didn’t even push the rice cereal out with his tongue.  More to come, but here are the pictures of the first few bites.

Off to the Dr

Well Isaac is 6 months old today. My how time flies when you're changing diapers, learning to crawl, drooling, babbling, and changing more diapers. Rumor has it he'll be able to eat real food (as in rice cereal) after his little visit. Next thing you know he'll be diving into peas and squash! How exciting!

I think he also gets a barrage of shots today. That makes Emily sad. I think it makes him a man.

He's close to crawling….we'll keep you posted.

100_2269Here is an old pic from the hospital. Wow…things have changed!


Quick Trip

100_3472Mommy, Daddy, and Isaac flew with our pilot friend Andy to Chicago. It was a fun little 3.5 seatter turbo prop plane (A cessna skyhawk). It’s really nice when  you are able to call up your pilot and say "Andy! Take me to Chicago for the day!"  I hope these kind of things don’t spoil Isaac. But, hey…he is a rock star!

Speaking of rock stars…Isaac got to hang out with is new friend Xavier Cooper. Xavier looks just like his old man. So while Isaac was playing rock star babies with Xavier, mom and dad got to hang out with John and Korey. A grand time was had by all. The time was way too short, but it was good for daddy soul to be there. Good people…yeah..them Cooper’s are good people.

Mom and dad also went shopping at Ikea. We bought some good birthday and Christmas presents there. We also got some cool cabnet knobs for our kitchen (the truth is, we already went to Ikea for the knobs…but we ran out. So we had to make this special trip all the way to Chicago to get them). Everyone should go to Chicago at least once in life. Well…I really don’t care f you do or not. I was just making conversation.

And please don’t comment on how we could take Isaac up on such a small plane. It hurts my pilot’s feelings.