What a big boy

Pic001Well…It doesn’t stop does it? Isaac is laughing a lot now. He smiles almost all of the time (except when he’s screaming his head off). It’s kind of funny. He’ll be laughing and giggling and all of a sudden, he’ll burst in some blood curdling scream.

Anyway, he can roll over, and hold his head up for a long time. We put him in a little jumper thing, and i think he liked it. He’s still a little small for it.

Now to all of my Oklahoma family, Sorry for all of the Kansas clothing. His OU stuff is still too big. So when we watch Oklahoma play, we both watch in our underwear. hmmmm….maybe that’s why they’re not doing so well. hmmmmm……. more pics


Pic33OK…we can finally get the pictures off of our phones (camera). So we will do better at updating this site. So Isaac is doing great. He sleeps all nite. He is smiling a lot (and it’s not gas related)! Now, don’t get me wrong…he has gas. It’s probably the funniest thing ever. He toots all the time. It is a sound to behold. The cool thing is now when daddy is ‘gassy’ he can blame it on Tabby OR Isaac! What a deal!

So anyway…check out the camera pics. Some of them are from a while back.