Grandma and Gramdpa are here!

100_2635Isaac finally met the other grandparent’s (B & D Littleton form OKC). It is safe to say that he likes them.

So everything it going great. Isaac goes in for his 6 week check up next week. He is still doing really well at night. He goes to sleep around 11:00-midnite, then sleeps for a good 4-5 hours, eats, then goes right back to sleep. We don’t know how long that will last, but we’re hanging on to it for now.

Here are some of the latest pics–> More Isaac


GoteeOK…so i know I haven’t added any pics of late. To be honest, they all look like the previous ones. So we’ll start taking some pictures.

Isaac is doing great. He’s probably up to 11 pounds or so. He took his first step the other day. Well…I guess i was holding him and his feet touched the floor…but it’s a start.

I thought you would want to see the latest, so click the above pic for his latest.