Welcome to day 2

Well good morning. Emily and Isaac are doing great. He really is beautiful. A great combo of Littleton and Kirkland genes. Em and I think he looks like Grampa Bill. Now some might see that as not so much of a good thing, but remember his cousin Jonathan looked a lot like his grandpa, too and he turned out a striking young man.

So…Our room is incredibly nice. And big. With room service. We just found out that they charge me for the room service, but not Emily. So from now on Emily is going to be VERY hungry.

So we are having calls about visitors. We would LOVE to have you guys meet Isaac sometime today. probably around lunch or afternoon and into the evening would be best. If you  have doubts, just call my cell phone. We leave sometime tomorrow morning, if things stay like they are.

Now about pictures. I will try to upload pictures from the hospital, but it is extremely slow. Ah…the good ole days of dial up. I may get to go home for a little bit this afternoon, so I’ll try to do some uploading there.

Now about the prediction Officially Sara Taylor Sharpe wins the pot. Just remember…when Adam and the doctor say 2 different things…go for the compromise.

more later………..

3:00 and waiting…

Well…It’s 3:00 and we are still waiting. Em just got an epi so she is feeling pretty good. Maybe in the next couple of hours. Grandma and Grandpa Kirkland are here, as well as Aunt Kayleigh and Aunt Laura. We’re just hanging out watching rock shows and movies.

Rock Shows:
    Snow Patrol

    Waiting for Guffman
    Triplets of Bellville

Overall…well….we’re just hangin out.Keep praying. Mom is doing great!


Off we go….

Emily’s water just broke. So I guess that means we’re close. It’s 5:57 and she’s taking a shower, then we’re off to the hospital. If St John’s has Internet access I can hack into, I’ll keep this thing updated as regularly as I can.

Em feels good. We can’t wait!