The Girl Next Door

I have to tell you about a little girl we met on the way to school the first day of Kindergarten.  She just happened to walk out of her house as we were walking by and decided to walk with us to school one day and many days since.  Her name is Michelle.  She makes me smile.

I don't have girls and maybe I'm not the average girl myself but Michelle is.  She has long brown hair and a pink Disney princess book bag.  She wears shirts that say "I am berry cute" with pictures of grapes and berries on it a lot.  And she talks… a lot.  Her mother speaks in broken English and Michelle sometimes struggles with English herself.  She can't say the f sound.  She replaces the f sound for an s sound.  And she loves to talk about girly things like "butterslies." 

One day last week as we were passing her house, she ran out and had big news for Isaac.  I think she waits at the window for us to pass every day.  Because as soon as we get to her corner, she'll run out and yell for Isaac.  And she always has big news for Isaac.  That day it was, "ISAAC, ISAAC, GUESS WHAT?! I like TRUCKS!  Isn't that COOL?! I can play with boys, too because I like trucks and cars, too!"  She said that she had a "mote contol caw" (remote control car) that was actually her brothers but she liked to play with it too.  So now she and Isaac can be "sliends."

When we get to school and the other kids (she calls them her "classmates") start showing up, she calls them all by name.  She learned their names the first day of class and is best "sliends" with them all.  So every kid that arrives is greeted by her smiling face yelling their name and inviting them into her game.  Which for the first two weeks was running around telling everyone that they were fired… or "slired".  Where these kids get these things I don't know.

This week however, she decided to sneak up and scare Mr. Salt (Isaac's teacher).  She called each classmate by name and asked them to hide right next to the front door so that when Mr. Salt opened the door to collect his class, they'd jump out and say "BOO!" and scare him.  I wanted to take a picture so badly as 13 kids lined up next to the front door trying to shush each other and stay quiet as they anxiously waited for their teacher.  But as every new kid would arrive, Michelle would run out and take their hand and drag them to the front door to hide explaining the plan all the way.  Unfortunately, Mr. Salt hasn't been collecting his kids this week.  He sends his student teacher to do it for him.  But she plays along and does the dramatic "Oh!  You scared me!" thing for the kids and they love it.  And I smile.

I don't know if I'm explaining how cute this girl is… But she is a ray of sunshine to everyone around her.  Thank you God for Michelle.  Thank you that she invited Isaac to be her friend on the very first day of school.  May she always be as accepting as she is.  May she always bring a smile to those around her.  Help us to be a good friend back to her. May we strive to be light to everyone around us, like Michelle.

I have a cute picture of Isaac and Michelle sitting next to Mr. Salt but I don't feel right about posting pictures of her without her permission.  Here she is in the background with her pink book bag and cute little pony tails here with her mom.  That's safe since you can't really identify them right?IMG_7714
 And doesn't Isaac look just like Randall in this picture?!

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  1. That is so awesome. You’ve found your Pollyanna. Everyone needs a Pollyanna around. AWESOME! The boo was pretty cool too. I have a friend who refers to scaring people as boo-ing them. They boo’d Mr. Salt. 🙂

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