The End of Innocence

Isaac, Asher and I were just taking a break to watch a Disney movie: Return to Neverland.  I've never seen it before, but I have a great love for Peter Pan and Neverland thought it'd be great for the kids.  The first 20 minutes of the movie takes place in London during World War II during the Blitz. As the sirens sound and Wendy (all grown up now) takes one of her children to the bomb shelter, her oldest child, Jane, hurries through the streets trying to get home safely.  A bomb hits nearby and Jane rushes to safety to avoid any shrapnel and debris. 

While we're watching this Isaac and Asher hear the siren and see planes flying overhead and the fear in Wendy and Jane's eyes.  "What's going on?" Isaac asked.  I then explained to him that the siren is telling everyone to get inside because there is danger.  There is fighting outside and they don't want anyone to get hurt so they have to go inside.  We hear a bomb hit somewhere near Jane and Isaac asked what that was.  I told him it was a bomb and realized that he probably has never heard that word. 

Isaac and Asher love to play fight.  Asher was born wrestling.  My boys carry around hangers and play Hook. They are both usually pirates and rarely ever Peter Pan.  But they know very little of war, guns and fighting in the real world.  I thank God that they have not yet seen the reality of war.  I wonder how long they will be able to keep this innocence.


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