No Complaints

My legs hurt.  This is the first fall in a long time that I haven't been training for a half marathon.  I just decided to take the season off.  I'm still running a few times a week to keep in shape but I should have been doing a lot more!

Yesterday Randall, some friends, and I participated in the Warrior Dash.  


The course consisted of a hilly, bumpy, uphill 5k through the woods at a shooting range.  We were literally dodging bullets (shells) the whole race.  There were also 12 obstacles to perform in addition to running the hard terrain which included but was not limited to jumping over fire,


climbing ropes,


and crawling through mud under barbed wire.


But my legs were hurting the night before, too.  We went to a little theater to see one of our old youth kids perform his original music and open up before Sandra McCracken.  We took the boys for a night out.  It was a dangerous idea, we didn't know how long the boys would last in the dark theater.  I forgot to bring toys and snacks to keep them occupied, but we didn't need it.  Shortly after Sandra McCracken started playing Asher crawled up into Randall's lap and Isaac snuggled into mine.

My lap is not nearly big enough for a 6 year old to lay comfortably in, but Isaac stayed for over an hour and fell soundly asleep in my arms.  My legs were stuck underneath him in a weird position since I was wearing heels and after a while I started getting shooting pains through my knees and ankles.  I didn't mind.  It was worth it.

A few sore muscles is worth every second of being able to hold my boys and make awesome memories with friends.  I am truly blessed.





* Did you see the awesome Pinocchio shadow I cast on Randall's shirt?!

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