La Maze and Baseball

Me_and_brettWell, once again Laura (Emily’s sister) had to take Emily to our Lamaze class. So yes I missed out on the  ‘hee haw’ breathing, the instructor that sounds like George Castanza’s mom, and a bunch of pregnant talk. But I do have a good excuse. I had to be on TV. You see, the MLB on TV has been slipping in the ratings. They were looking for some young, attractive type people to sit on the front row. Their thinking is that because baseball is fairly boring to watch, maybe if there is some good eye candy people would watch it. So there you have it. To help save America’s past-time, Emily let me miss Lamaze and go to the game. Yes, I had row A seats just to the left of home plate. Every batter Brett Allen and I were on TV–helping save Baseball. And no…we don’t feel bad being used for our incredibly good looking bodies.

In case you missed us…saving baseball

2 thoughts on “La Maze and Baseball”

  1. ok, this is so much more fun than e-mail. i’m not a baseball person at all, so it took me awhile to figure out what mlb was. i’m not sure it really needs to be saved. i won’t even tell you what i think of salaries and such, but i’m glad you had a nice afternoon. and yes, i credit the tilley’s for having good strong genes – although i panicked when i saw the old man on the screen that looked a bit like uncle stan, i thought “oh no, randall has taken after all the littletons after all!” i am proud to be a littleton, just glad i got my hair from the tilley side of the family

  2. WOW. What a service you have provided. Thank you for going to the game. It sure helps to know the right people, huh? I guess Puljos and Edmonds weren’t getting it done.

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