Knight’s in Shining Armor

I am the luckiest girl in the world. I found my Knight in shining armor (and locked that down) in 2002. But recently I've found two more.

Isaac is a born protector.  We were "going on a bear hunt" the other day and I was asking him what he saw.  Usually we "see" some tall grass, maybe a large rock or river to cross. Our hunt always ends with a dark cave.  We go inside and find a bear and run home crossing all of our previous challenges again.  This time, Isaac saw the cave right away but instead of going in it, he decided to climb over it so the bear wouldn't find us and we could attack it when it came out.  He even got out his sword to fight the bear for me.  All of this in the back seat of my car driving home from church.  What an imagination.  What a hero!

Asher is also becoming a quite the cavalier.  He often pretends that he is a bear or some other growling beast.  I always play along and act scared and run away.  Lately, his favorite thing to do is to get in my face and growl but then quickly give me a tight hug and whisper, "I save you, mama" in my ear.  This is by far my new favorite game to play.


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