A lot of speculations have been made lately about what Isaac will look like. A lot of the youth believe he will look like Emily with Randall’s gotee. Overall there are some really good genes floating around between the Littleton/ Tilley side and the Kirkland/ Harris side.

Like Lyndel I am hoping for some good Tilley hair genes. Emily just informed me that the Harris side of things also boasts good hair genes (Not necessarily good hair dos)

Emily has blue eyes, mine are brown. Roger has brown eyes and has some blue eyed kids. So we’ll see.

Feet. Well Grampa Littleton and myself have wretched flat feet with loose joints and bad ankles. BUT, the Kirklands have wonderful arches. Let’s hope for strong Kirkland showing.

Between the 2 families potbellies abound. No names need to be mentioned.

With strong musical genes from both the Kirkland and Littleton side, Isaac’s rock star gene should be nice and strong.

Overall I think that the ‘incredibly good looking gene’ will be prevalent

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