14 Years


Today is Randall and my wedding anniversary.  For fourteen years on August 30th we’ve gone to the World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park for a picnic like we did (to a much larger scale) on our wedding day.

Today is a busy day and the best time to celebrate was for an hour this morning over breakfast. The morning was hectic trying to get the boys out the door and get the house ready for someone to come in and do some work on our interior doors and baseboards.  I spent the time cleaning toilets and swiping floors and picking up dirty underwear and the 3 bajillion Nerf darts all over the house.

I washed my face but didn’t even have time to put on makeup.  I put up my hair and tried to brush the flyaways back into a pony tail. I hurried to the car to try to get the most time together in peace on our anniversary.

We held hands over coffee and talked about our favorite moments over the last fourteen years. We talked seriously about where the future is taking us. We reminisced about what we were doing fourteen years ago at this moment.

Randall, fourteen years ago I was younger, thinner, unscarred by the weight of carrying our children.  I wore a summery white dress, had professional make up on, and my hair professionally done.  We were surrounded by all of our family and friends, great food and a great party.

This year is real life.  The honeymoon is officially over.

But you know what? Fourteen years ago, I barely knew you.  I barely knew me!  We’ve grown together and created a beautiful family.  Our marriage is stronger and better with each passing year.

Randall Lawton, I love you from the bottom, top, and center of my heart.  I thank God for you, our marriage, and whatever strange events had to fall into place to bring us here, today, right where we are.


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