Welcome to day 2

Well good morning. Emily and Isaac are doing great. He really is beautiful. A great combo of Littleton and Kirkland genes. Em and I think he looks like Grampa Bill. Now some might see that as not so much of a good thing, but remember his cousin Jonathan looked a lot like his grandpa, too and he turned out a striking young man.

So…Our room is incredibly nice. And big. With room service. We just found out that they charge me for the room service, but not Emily. So from now on Emily is going to be VERY hungry.

So we are having calls about visitors. We would LOVE to have you guys meet Isaac sometime today. probably around lunch or afternoon and into the evening would be best. If you  have doubts, just call my cell phone. We leave sometime tomorrow morning, if things stay like they are.

Now about pictures. I will try to upload pictures from the hospital, but it is extremely slow. Ah…the good ole days of dial up. I may get to go home for a little bit this afternoon, so I’ll try to do some uploading there.

Now about the prediction Officially Sara Taylor Sharpe wins the pot. Just remember…when Adam and the doctor say 2 different things…go for the compromise.

more later………..

3:00 and waiting…

Well…It’s 3:00 and we are still waiting. Em just got an epi so she is feeling pretty good. Maybe in the next couple of hours. Grandma and Grandpa Kirkland are here, as well as Aunt Kayleigh and Aunt Laura. We’re just hanging out watching rock shows and movies.

Rock Shows:
    Snow Patrol

    Waiting for Guffman
    Triplets of Bellville

Overall…well….we’re just hangin out.Keep praying. Mom is doing great!


Off we go….

Emily’s water just broke. So I guess that means we’re close. It’s 5:57 and she’s taking a shower, then we’re off to the hospital. If St John’s has Internet access I can hack into, I’ll keep this thing updated as regularly as I can.

Em feels good. We can’t wait!



A lot of speculations have been made lately about what Isaac will look like. A lot of the youth believe he will look like Emily with Randall’s gotee. Overall there are some really good genes floating around between the Littleton/ Tilley side and the Kirkland/ Harris side.

Like Lyndel I am hoping for some good Tilley hair genes. Emily just informed me that the Harris side of things also boasts good hair genes (Not necessarily good hair dos)

Emily has blue eyes, mine are brown. Roger has brown eyes and has some blue eyed kids. So we’ll see.

Feet. Well Grampa Littleton and myself have wretched flat feet with loose joints and bad ankles. BUT, the Kirklands have wonderful arches. Let’s hope for strong Kirkland showing.

Between the 2 families potbellies abound. No names need to be mentioned.

With strong musical genes from both the Kirkland and Littleton side, Isaac’s rock star gene should be nice and strong.

Overall I think that the ‘incredibly good looking gene’ will be prevalent

La Maze and Baseball

Me_and_brettWell, once again Laura (Emily’s sister) had to take Emily to our Lamaze class. So yes I missed out on the  ‘hee haw’ breathing, the instructor that sounds like George Castanza’s mom, and a bunch of pregnant talk. But I do have a good excuse. I had to be on TV. You see, the MLB on TV has been slipping in the ratings. They were looking for some young, attractive type people to sit on the front row. Their thinking is that because baseball is fairly boring to watch, maybe if there is some good eye candy people would watch it. So there you have it. To help save America’s past-time, Emily let me miss Lamaze and go to the game. Yes, I had row A seats just to the left of home plate. Every batter Brett Allen and I were on TV–helping save Baseball. And no…we don’t feel bad being used for our incredibly good looking bodies.

In case you missed us…saving baseball

The Dr.

Head_and_chestWell…Emily just called on her way home from the Doctor. He said that Isaac has ‘dropped’ and that she is 1/2 a centimeter dilated. So that means it can be anytime. He said tonite…or in 10 days. I think if he hasn’t arrived in 10 days he is going to induce. Her Dr is still going by the original due date of the 18th. Pretty cool.

So now i guess we have to put some wagers on the delivery date. If you want in on some of that action, just leave a comment.

rock on


Well…he’s almost here

So welcome to the future online home of Isaac Benjamin Littleton (or Izzy as some call him). Emily and I are extremely excited about the arrival of Isaac. Emily is currently at the Dr getting checked out, and I am setting in a Bread Co trying to get work done. So very soon this page will be full of pictures, stories, and all the little trivial information about our future rock star: Izzy.

Thank  you guys so much for all of the love and support you have given Emily and I over the past months. We are so blessed to have you as family and friends. I am so excited that Isaac will get to meet you all very soon. It really does take a village to raise a kid, and we’re glad you’re a part of that!

r & e